February 7, 2010

Where did it all go?

Yesterday, I was trying to figure out what to do. Had some craptastic runs with that damned flaming puppy in Nyzul Isle and I just needed something else to occupy my mind for a bit.

So I decided to go back to leveling Bard. I've been calling myself a dumbass since I started because I actually looked at some of the gear expected of Bards and realized there is no way in hell that I'll have most of that stuff. Sea capes, nope. Shi'ar Manteel? Hahaha, hell no. Let's no even get into the other things that a Bard can use. Just depressing. Anyway, after having my flag up for a bit, I got an invite. Woot.

Since I was level 24, we ended up taking the party to the lovely island of Kazham. Actually, I hate that place. It's confusing for no apparent reason. Still, it's where everyone parties at that level, so off I go.

We made it the camp and now it was time for some fun. Thankfully, we had a PL, and that made life a little easier. I'm still getting use to singing my heart out and motivating the crowd with my songs, but it wasn't too bad. We had a few deaths due to a couple of stupid pull mistakes, or Goblins who were on steroids, yet we kept going.

The job I choose doesn't matter. This is how I spend most of my time until 75.

After awhile our leader loses connection, but what else would you expect? A party's not a party unless someone drops connection. When he did though, the leader defaulted to me. Have I ever told you how much I hate leading parties? If not, the answer is a lot. I'll go into that another time.

So I get more people and keep the party going. Times passes and we change camps. Then we get a few more levels and change camps yet again. By the time I looked at my clock, it was after 1 am. I had been online since mid-afternoon or so. That's a long damned party.

Now I didn't wonder where all the time went, because I didn't care. What I did notice though, is the reason why I didn't care. I was having fun. Seriously, I had a freaking blast in that party. We had two new people to the game who didn't even know where Garlaige Citadel was or what Dispel did, but that didn't matter. I sat in that party for the latter part of a day and just had fun. Yeah, people died and other craziness happened, but that was part of the fun. Everyone was laughing and making jokes, or doing /dance4 when we waited for someone to come back from an afk.

Where does all of that fun go when we reach the higher levels? We become so impatient and wrapped up in silly shit that we forget to have fun. Really, what happens to us between the low levels and endgame?

Any ideas?


Dizzmal said...

It's because we must be "L33T" On a more serious note, I agree with you, people should have more fun with this game the later it gets. I know I had a blast last night with something we do on a constant basis. ^^