January 25, 2010

Highs and Lows

Like the flowing tide, you get high days and then you get low ones. Roll with the punches and keep on moving, right? I do admit that it makes things easier when you have a day full of bad shit followed by a pretty awesome day, but what happens when you get both good and bad things in the same day? Damn it, I am way too emo. See, this is why Dark Knight is not for me. Anyway, on with the story.

Yesterday's run in Nyzul was full of fail, and I was ready to just sign off and call it a day. Judgment asked if I would put together a 60 run, and since I still wanted the askar hands and had 3 tags to use, I figured what the hell. No run will ever be as bad as the one I just did. So we got a party and went to work.

The boss was Hydra, and I do hate that damned thing. First move it did was Polar Bulwark, and some of the party members mistook that for the physical shield. I told them that this one wasn't a big deal, it's Pyric Bulwark that we don't want to see. No sooner than I said that, the bastard put up the shield. We got down to the 5 minute warning with 50% HP, so we were good to go as long as it didn't spam the shield.

Luckily, we won the fight, and some groovy askar hands dropped. Only two of us were lotting, and I was wishing my ass off for a decent lot. 947, in yo face foo!! I'm now 5/5 on a sexy Askar set and pretty happy about that. This is a high point. ^_^

Then Judgment had to leave and other members headed out too. I still had two tags left, so I later jumped on an 80 just for the hell of it. I figure I'd lot Denali for Corsair and use it as town gear to be cute in. I like looking good, sue me.

I happened to be a Corsair the moment I was accepted into the party, and they even asked me to stay on that job. Pretty surprising, and I did enjoy myself. I didn't have my melee gear on me, so I was running through bullets quite a bit. Thankfully, I was tp'ing in some low level bullets and used steel for my weaponskills. I'm not totally dumb when it comes to these things.

The boss is another Hydra, and we proceed to /pwn. I'll be damned, a Denali Jacket drops. w00tage. Once again, two people to lot, and my rival rolls a 438. I can beat this. Hell I just rolled a 947. The gods of random let out a big "F you" when I chose to roll, and I got a 400. Bastards. Still, we did good on the floor, and that's one more point towards a rank evaluation for First Lieutenant.

We decide to do another run, and it was amazingly fast. I even switched up and went as a Dragoon this time. I was going to do Samurai, but I figured this would be fun. We get to the boss and it's the flaming dog. I didn't have Tiel in the party for a last minute rescue, and although we flew through the floors leading up to the boss (15 minutes or so remaining when we reached 80), we ended up wiping to Cerberus around 25%. Hate was an issue from the onset for some reason and we ended up losing our RDM too early in the fight. I knew I should have listened to my gut reaction and went as SAM. At least then I could've 2hr'ed and done something. Dragoon 2hr is pretty meh in comparision. So I lost out on Denali for the first run and wiped on the second. Both tags gone and I have nothing to show for it. /emo low point.

Fast forward to today.

Work was an absolute nightmare. I don't normally talk about real things here, and I won't bore you with the details. Let's just say the day started on a low point.

I sign on and things are pretty uneventful to start with. Although, an extra scroll of Mage's Ballad sold and that made me happy. I got a message from Ally asking me to come PLD/NIN to sky tonight too. You know I like tanking, but I have *never* tanked a sky god before. Not even close. Hell, I've never even gone as a DD to a sky god. Just RDM or BLM. Being right in their face made me both super excited and damned nervous. I don't really try to gear a job to its fullest unless I'm really going to use it a lot, so PLD fell on the wayside due to the lack of any practical use beyond exp parties and silly-ass campaign battles.

The first boss was Suzaku. I sat back and watched the first run, then got in on the second. Holy shit, it was awesome. Paladin does crap for damage, but knowing that I'm one of 2 people acting as the only real barrier between a win and a wipe is exhilarating. I'm all about SAM right now, but I can truly see myself doing more things with PLD if this keeps up.

I didn't get any drops, but this was still pretty fun and exciting. I'd consider this a semi-high point, just for reference. We then went on to Seiryu, and W.Hands dropped! Of course, I thought I was still on probation, so I didn't attempt to lot them. Another run was done, and this time W.Hands AND S.Kote dropped! Holy hell, this is freaking awesome. After talking with our leader, I found out that I actually had just enough points to lot one. Since no one was lotting, I asked for the W.Hands. Groovy stuff for Cor / Rng / Rdm. I got to lot and now I just have to get some cursed gauntlets and be on my way. This is definitely a high point. Here's the only thing:

I wasn't in the alliance at the time, and the items were about to autosort. I got in and lotted the abjuration, which immediately went to me. S.Kote were still in the treasure pool, but I didn't have enough points to lot and I didn't have much time to do anything even if I did. Ready for some really depressing shit? There was an East Wind in the pool and I was 69/70 on space. I didn't check the alliance to see if anyone passed on the kote, which everyone did. The wind dropped to me and I didn't notice. The next thing I see is that great message:

You no longer meet the requirements to obtain Seiryu's Kote. Seiryu's Kote lost.

Son of a bitch. Had I noticed that damned wind in my inventory, I could've got a free pair of S.Kote for Ranger. That, my friends, is a goddamned low point.

After kicking myself in the ass multiple times for my lack of inventory space, we moved on to fight lolGenbu and then Byakko. After searching forever to get my Autumnstone and then getting a Gem of the West from Davik, it was finally time to get some groovy kitty pants!! The first pop wasn't for me, but the pants did drop for another LS mate. Things are looking up.

I jump in on the fight and we drop Byakko with few problems. A couple of deaths, but nothing major. I got a few "good luck" messages from people in the LS, and I was excited as I watched the kitty fall. Guess what he dropped? E. Feet.

No pants. No Neptunal gear for DRG. Not even an axe. He dropped E. Feet. Gear for a job that I don't have, don't want, and if I can help it; won't ever have at 75. Still, this little bastard decides to drop some E. freakin' feet. All that time searching for stones went straight to shit. Dizzmal offered to give me the Behemoth Hide to ease the pain of losing all that money I spent on pop items, but they helped me out of kindness and I'd be a jackass to take things away from them just because this fucking cat decided to drop a load of bullshit on my run. Once again, a low point. As you can tell, I'm not pleased.

Looking at all of it though, I should be happy today. As a matter of fact, I should be freakin' ecstatic. In two days, I got some pretty awesome gear by my standards.

I finally picked out my ACP body that I've been putting off for months. I actually won a pair of denali legs a couple of days ago, and the Cor AF body doesn't match them so well. So now Corsair is looking pretty damned sexy. On top of that, I'm finally 5/5 with Askar. I've been aching to get this set, and now I have it. I got to tank the gods of sky, even though my gear is less than ideal for it. I'm one step away from having some real endgame gear with those w.hands.

These should all be things to be pleased about right? So why the hell am I feeling so meh about it all? I blame Byakko and the shitty drops. Damn cat.


Evilpaul said...

I like the new color scheme. ^.^

It could be worse, you could have gotten Byakko's to drop and had them ninja lotted on you or something. Nah, it does plain suck though losing S.kote and then kitty pants not dropping for you. :-(

Jacinda said...

I was so pissed last night. That would've been three things I needed knocked off in one night. I'm glad I got one at least, but would have been so awesome.