June 26, 2009

Paying Respect

I'm certain everyone who's able to read this is well aware of what has happened yesterday and earlier this week. No sense to make a long and drawn out post with details. The entertainment world lost 3 very special people.

It wasn't until today when I saw videos of the three and listened to some music that the reality of their passing really hit me. Despite some of the things being said about any of them, they have all influenced or entertained us in one way or another.

With that being said, rest in peace to you all.

Ed McMahon: March 6, 1923 – June 23, 2009
Farrah Fawcett: February 2, 1947 – June 25, 2009
Michael Jackson: August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009


June 22, 2009

A Day of Achievments

This week was full of fun stuff. More SNMs in La Vaule [S] to finish off a set for the SCNM which we will probably do this weekend. I got a few more assaults done and I'm slowly building up a little collection for those Salvage runs. I guess the next thing to do is to start learning how to farm effectively so I can have 80 billion gil for a Morrigan's Robe. (slight exaggeration, or is it? o.o)

This guy is severly challenged when it comes to directions. So glad I had RR3. >.>

Swift Belt!

No, I didn't get one. Damn it all. I was the first one to get max hate, so we popped Balor and the fight went fairly well. Of course, our PLD died after EES, but it was pretty much expected. Poor guy never used Sentinel or Defender. Maybe he'll remember that on the next run. I found another group and helped them out for awhile. Now I have another codex and max hate again. Let's hope my next run is more rewarding.

Campaign, Camp-pain...

You know, I enjoy Campaign Battle. Truly. I get to go whenever I want, whip some chickenheads, and go back to Mog House when I'm finished. On top of that, you get exp. It's awesome. The only thing I dislike is the extreme lag. I find myself getting annoyed when NPCs show up now. Granted, they are the only ones who stand a chance of beating cheap bosses like Moo Ouzi the Swiftblade and his 1k+ sweep spam, or have mercy if you get caught up in Vee Qiqa the Decreer's 5-elemental -ga spam deathtrap. Still, it's plenty of fun, and you get to see all sorts of NPCs and other things that you don't normally see anywhere else. Such as this little gem:

Bugs fight for freedom too!!

Nyzul Isle

So yeah, found another pickup group to get a headpiece from Nyzul. This gets more annoying for every attempt. No matter how awesome we do on the earlier floors, we are *always* getting this freakin' Hydra. This fight should be so easy, but noooo. Let's listen to the guy who says to ignore the rampart and not use it for TP when we still have a good 10 minutes on the clock. No, let's just rush in and look like simpletons while we wait for Pyric Bulwark to wear off and then get two regular hits in instead of high damage weaponskills cause we don't have enough TP yet. Yeah, that's a guaranteed strategy.

A strategy of fail +1.

Note: This picture isn't from the fail fight. These people were actually smart about the battle.


I hit 75 Samurai yesterday, and I'm a happy camper now. ^_^ After that, I went to the tree with Davik to work on his H2H and my weaponskill points. We made short work of both, and now he's capped and I have completed my latest WS. Just have Garland of Bliss and Vidohunir to go.

Tachi: Rana = {mine}. Booyah

Other than that, I went out with a group to do Apocalypse Nigh and finally complete the Chains of Promathia saga. Took me long enough. Ran to Norg and picked up my Ethereal Earring for PLD and RDM. That was a fun fight, but far too short. I need to be faster with the screenshots though so I can post more stuff. /sigh

See you soon!


Ok, before I do another big update, I had to share these few random screenshots with you all. A couple were taken with my camera at night, so please forgive the glare. I'm on a failBox 360 right now and can't take all the groovy screenshots I'd like. Anyway, on with the pictures!

Bhinasha decided to give me a makeover, dominatrix style. Just need a whip. ^_^

I swear, don't you hate when this happens? >.<

Yes, Monks truly do love Haste. Perhaps a bit too much?

June 17, 2009


Yeah I'm late with the posting. Sorry, new work schedule is throwing me off. Anyway, time for an update!


Two Sorcerer Petasos' dropped, but I'm not a BLM main and have to wait another one before I lot. Ah well. Of course, we had to wipe during the run. It's not fun otherwise. I'm just glad the enemies don't get to take our AF when we drop. >.<

We do this to you....

...and you do this to us. xD

Random picture:

I was bored and it was there. No Biast though. Bastards!

Tier III Einherjar!

This makes our second attempt at a Tier 3 run. We had roughly one minute left to fight the boss, so we ran out of time. We did knock off about 30% of it's health in that time, so we were more than capable of winning. Just have to rework our methods to make the wave fights shorter.


Last time we did The Buried God, things were really messy. Granted; we won, but the fight just wasn't pretty or efficient. This time, we /pwned it. Ameyna came as PLD/NIN though, and Brimstonne gave her the famous " -.- " look he's known for when holding hate became a slight issue. We ended up getting another earring and some Stone Mufflers. I was going to lot, but decided to hold out for Failnaught instead. I want that damn bow!!

Hi there, I've come back to kick your ass!

Ass-kicking mission accomplished.


Some of us in the shell decided to do a couple of Assault runs to help Keffka get his rank points up and also get enough points for us to start doing regular Salvage runs. I have to admit that I'm excited since I've never done any Salvage. I think this is all going to be pretty fun once we get started.

I've also been doing campaigns again both to level SAM and to make sure I have enough Allied Notes for ANNM and the new body pieces coming out in the next update. I'm thinking they will be around 150k notes, but I'm going to build up around 300k just to be safe. Campaign is fun, but damn I die a lot.

See you in-game!

June 12, 2009

A Blissful Moment

The day's not even over yet, but this deserves a spot of its own. Today, I got to witness a rare event. Probably even more rare than finding 2 Duelist's Tabards in a single Dynamis-Beaucedine run. (Or even one, for that matter.) This event was a wedding.

The ceremony took place in East Sarutabaruta on an secluded part of the landscape only accessible via a GM teleport. We all took our places and sat quietly. The music shifted from the normal zone tune to the familiar Crystal Theme that we all know and love. As the priest delivered her speech about the Star Sybil, the rest of the crowd sat silent with our eyes fixated on her every word that appeared on our collective screens.

After she said her words, the two exchanged gifts attainable from two HNMs. Whether they actually had to fight them is up for debate, but it was the thought that counts. Further in, the two said their vows to each other. Yes, I have my sappy moments, and I couldn't help but write them down. So here they are:

Flo to Lenasan

On this vow, I pledge my life,
To walk fate’s path with my wife.
Yet even if my mind does fade,
And my powers come to naught.
A flame to warm you I’ll conjure;
Such love can ne’er be bought.

Lenasan to Flo:

On this vow, like a rock I stand,
To walk this path with my husband.
Even with my magic spent,
And my faithful sword broken.
My spirits of love are summoned true;
These words, they must be spoken.

Things like this are our little reminders. All the rare/ex gear we spend months chasing is far from meaningful or even real. However, the people we meet; friendships created; and the love we may find...that is very real indeed.

Congratulations and best wishes to Lenasan and Flo!! /cheer

Just a few things

The past couple of days have had a few accomplishments. As you know, my Great Katana skill was a bit behind due to the lovely Level Sync and my last attempt ended up with me in the water while the crabs did the /dance over my body. Well guess, what? I went back for more. >.>

However, this time was different. I never thought I'd see the day, but Evilpaul helped me out. We teamed up and went to town. Finally getting my skill capped, I started my weaponskill quest. It went surprisingly fast to be honest. I see why people are jealous of a SAM's skillchain potential. Later that night, Davik and I issued the beat down on my WSNM, and I am now a proud owner of Tachi: Kasha. ^^

He's still evil, but he has his less-evil moments.

In other news, the LS went to Beadeux [S] for a shot at the actual SCNM fight. It was actually pretty fun, althought a bit messy. We had a lot of deaths, especially due to that huge AoE petrify attack the NM seems to spam. I imagine we'll be going back to do another run soon. I'll be ready this time.

I had to snatch this photo from EP's blog cause mine came out extra crappy. D:

I finally got my Dynamis-Buburimu clear too. Luckily, I was 1/1 on that. I was going to tank, but then one of our other Paladins showed up and I switched to RDM. Regardless, I have the clear, and I'm happy. Oh yeah, I got the Summoner's Bracers -1 while out there. Was going to lot on some RNG legs, but I was dead and we ran out of time. Damn it all. So all that's left is Qufim island and I can go to Dynamis-Tavnazia!!

I just flat out didn't take any pictures of this run. Thanks again EP. ^^

To finish things off, we also did Divila's Asuran Fists WSNM. I'd post a picture, but the fight was over in about 10 seconds and I didn't have a chance. xD Take seven bored people to a WSNM and that's going to happen. Ah well.

That's about it. See you all later.

June 9, 2009

Weaponskills and More

Well, I didn't do much over the weekend this time. Had stuff to do, people to see, and places to dream of going. Fun stuff, I assure you.

I went back to Kuftal Tunnel for more crab bashing now that Atonement is finished, and started working on Mystic Boon. I have to admit, Winja is pretty damned fun. Would have been more fun if my /nin job wasn't gimped at 31, but whatever. I'll get those last 6 levels one day. Competition for crabs was pretty fierce when I went last. A few monks were working on Asuran Fists, and then there were a few parties running around too. Still, I hung in there and got my boony goodness. Now for those last few levels of Samurai.

Speaking of SAM, I made 71 last week! w00t! Took a couple of failed campaign battles and a few minutes into a new party, but I did it. My GK skill is 246/250, so I took a trip to the Boyahda Tree to get capped and start my quest. I figure SAM/DNC would be enough to handle some crabs, and I got down to business. Yeah, didn't go so well.

Petrify + Firaga II spam; you gotta love it.

The irony of getting an evasion skill up on the hit that kills you makes me chuckle.

After that, I decided to go have some ENM fun with Epic and Davik. We went to the Spire of Vahzl and /pwned that ENM without a problem. Good exp but crappy rewards that time. Then we ran to Attowha Chasm for another shot at a Hagun. While I was there, I wanted to get some pictures of Corses with my FFXI version of the Camera Obscura (Fatal Frame, anyone?). As luck would have it, Corses are nocturnal, and managed to spot a few on the way to Boneyard Gully. They seem to be a real stickler for sleeping on time though, and the sun started rising just as soon as we saw them. So they vanished on us. Bastards. The ENM was fairly smooth too. Didn't get a Hagun, but we scored a Forager's Mantle and a Cloud Evoker. More points for us!!

On a final note, I happened to be standing in Whitegate at the Auction House when I kept seeing this group do shouts for AM44. I love the music in that fight, so I couldn't pass up a chance to do it again. I remembered how hard it was to get a group to do that with before, so I wanted to help them out just as someone helped me. Besides, you don't lose exp so it's not like it matters if you fail. The setup was *almost* flawless, but we had 2 SAMs instead of a SAM and MNK. After a couple of hard lessons, we managed a win on the third try. The group was insanely thankful, and I admit that it felt good to give someone else a hand.

I would have taken a better picture, but I know better than to stand too close to Alex.

June 5, 2009

Moving forward

It's been an interesting week, that's for certain. Got a few nifty items, and almost finished my subjob leveling for the moment. DNC and RNG are now sitting happily at 37 until I finish the dreaded NIN sub. I seriously just can't get into that job. I find myself falling asleep during each fight. I still plan to unlock and level DRK, but I'm emo enough as is. I can only imagine how I'll be when I get that job and die after every ws I do. /sigh

In other news, I had a falling out with my limbus shell. Lots of stuff has just been building up, and I finally hit my breaking point. It sucks because overall the shell is really fun. Also, some of the people in the limbus shell were ones I did Nyzul and Assault with. So, now we've gone our separate ways, and that's all there is to it. C'est la vie.

Take it easy guys, /goodbye

Drama aside, I got to have a bit of fun yesterday too. Since there wasn't any Assault to do, I took my Brave Blade from storage and went on a mission to Kuftal Tunnel. Thankfully, Davik loaned me his Kraken Club and we managed to get a lot of Darkness skillchains in faster. After a solid 2 hours of making skillchains, it was time for our ls event. Still no blasted Atonement. >.<

KC + Haste + Brutal Earring = Weaponskill Heaven

Once that was done, Divila needed a hand killing the Retribution WSNM. More ws points? {Yes, please}. So me, Divi, Epic, Davik, EB, and Yuna headed out to Ifrit's Cauldron and got started. We killed a bunch of stuff on the way, hoping to get that ws before the fight. No such luck. The fight was pretty short and we spammed Light every chance we got. Congrats to Divi on the new ws, and now the journey to Asuran Fists can begin. ^^

I feel like a midget standing next to Epic. Blasted Elvaans

Oh, just before leaving, we fought a couple of Ash Lizards for giggles and guess what?

So that's two down. Next up is Mystic Boon and when I finally hit 75 SAM, Tachi: Rana. ^^ By the way, is it me or does that look like a person's face near my foot? @.@

June 3, 2009

Nyzul Isle - Final Stretch!!


Well we did another climbing run earlier in the week, and managed 2/2 successful climbs. That put us on floor 90! Hell yeah, the end of this blasted maze is at hand. However, it gets even better. I had just signed on and happened to catch sight of a pickup shout for 91-95 that was 5/6 and needed an RDM. Since we only did 2 runs last time, I had an extra tag. Yeah, didn't take me long to get changed and meet them for the attempt.

Usually, pick up groups blow massive chunks of failure, but this one worked out great. The group wasn't the normal setup that I was used to for these runs, but I figured I'd try it anyway. Since we had a SCH, I was asked to come RDM/BLM instead of /WHM. I thought we were going to end up failing when our scholar was killed on the second floor and people started rushing around, but we regrouped, kept our cool, and moved forward. Luck was on our side for the lamp floor too. You could tell that people got nervous when the objective said "lamps". Ha, one of them even started praying for the lamp to be a code lamp. Oddly enough, that's exactly what it turned out to be. On my way to the lamp, sneak wore early and I got aggro from from an Archaic Gear, and ended up with 3 enemies chasing me. Like I said, luck was on our side. Blink and Stoneskin performed their jobs and I managed to get a fully unresisted Sleepga off. Whoever says RDM/BLM isn't useful can go die somewhere.

So now, I'm on floor 96 and just got a new tag. Do I wait until next Monday or take a chance with another pickup group...decisions, decisions.

Oh yeah, we did Dynamis-Beaucedine earlier and I managed to score a Cleric's Briault and an Argute Gown. Granted, SCH is 23, but now I have more motivation to level it. Since I have the Cleric body, I can finally sell that Noble's Tunic and get some of my money back from buying those damned Nin tools.