September 7, 2010

Don't just dream the impossible...

I've been in Vana'diel for nearly two years now. That's a long time. Two years of friendships, arguments, accomplishments, dissapointment, laughter, and so many other things that I've experienced. I have to say that while the time spent here isn't exactly doing much for my actual life, I've enjoyed the time that I spent here.

However, I've become a bit restless over the past few months. There are tons of things that I can do while here, and many that I probably should do. The gobbiebag quests come to mind, as an example. Usually, these get sidetracked due to lack of motivation. Mind you, I'm far from lazy, but if my heart isn't in something then I simply don't bother with it.

I've done a lot in this game. Maybe not everything but, in two years time, I've got a decent resume of accomplishments. Still, there are times when I just feel...well, empty. Today I was in an Abyssea party, and something struck me in a way that's given me the burst I needed to try the hardest thing I've ever imagined.

I'm fairly sure most of you can guess where this is going and are probably thinking that I'm out of my mind. Truth is, I probably am. However, I've been looking for something. A purpose; a reason to be in Vana'diel. The level caps and the new updates truly aren't enough of a reason. Like all new content, we will rush through it within a day or two and then just worry about fine tuning the tactics we discover. Everyone will be scurrying about to find out where AF3 comes from, and those that figure it out first will be selling it at 20 million to the desperate people wanting to be able to claim that they got something before the masses.

I think I will put my focus elsewhere. Of course, I'll still be doing normal things like events and all that, but I have a personal goal now. So, crazy as it sounds for someone like myself, my goal is this:

Yep. The Relic Archery weapon. I know it's going to be hard as hell for me to do this, or even come close. I am forever broke, and making gil is something that royally tries my patience. Worse still, FFXI is in its twighlight years, and there's really no telling if the game will even be around much longer. Even if it is, XIV is coming in a couple of weeks, and while many say they are staying, I have a feeling that several of my friends will move on. With me being on the FailBox / PS3, I will not be able to join them until later next year, if at all.

Thinking of doing this now might seem silly. Is it even worth it to try? That's something I can only answer when it's over. This will take everything I have and more, and I know this. Maybe the quest will burn me out so much that I'll end up quitting FF online for good, and I'll find myself on the list of relic "quitters" at Bluegartr. Then again, perhaps it will invigorate me to do things that I've never thought possible.

The longest journey begins with a single step, and today's the day I start walking.


Fahzewn said...

I wish you luck on building your relic! You're is a long term goal to go after and it probably helps me stay on the game. From my little experience with it, probably good to focus on one stage at a time. Or even set a goal within a year on how much you want to get done.

Evilpaul said...

Upgrading a relic = crazy expensive. Even if you sponsor lots of city runs it's still tons of gil. I'd go for a Empyrean weapon over a relic at this point...assuming they don't turn out to be crap tomorrow. But good luck in any case!

Kiori said...

I wish you luck on your quest for your relic. I to really, really want that sexy bow. :3 soon though we may be able to go in with groups of six with these level cap increases and farm the coins and such we need.

Cynthia said...

Hey I hope you'll get it too, althought it'll probably take you a trendemous amount of time, so be patient!