September 9, 2010

Only in Vana'diel

I glanced over some of the new items from yesterday's update. A lot of it looks very nice. The +2 armor versions seem to be much better than anything we currently have. So much better, in fact, that it looks as if people are going to need to completely redo all of their armor setups.

All of the weeks, months, and years of effort that some people have put into what they currently have is essentially being made obsolete with items from this update and the last. Hell, even some of the items from last update are already antiquated from yesterday's download.

The overwhelming player response to this?

2. OMG, Best update ever!
3. Holy shit, I'm going to have to redo everything from scratch. I'm so excited!!
4. Lol, all my shit is outdated now. Man, this is awesome. Go Square-Enix!!

I'm all for progress and I understand that gear eventually has to give way to something better, but really? You'd figure after putting forth all the effort to get the best items, they'd do something to make the best...a bit better. Not make it obsolete in the face of new gear that you will undoubtedly have to go to ridiculous lengths to acquire. Especially since that so-called useless gear took so long to get in the first place.

Personally, this stuff doesn't affect me much. I don't have that awesome gear to begin with. It's just surprising that people are actually excited to more or less start everything over.


Lisa said...

I heard about ppl rage quitting the game too because of it.

Unless the items for upgrade are incredibly hard to obtain, there's not much reason to do Salvage, Limbus, Dynamis or Einherjar anymore. Well, for the most part. Duelist's Chapeau still hold its spot (although it became just an idle gear for those who get AF3), as well as TH4. Not sure about sea, but for the events that gives you armor, i predict they're soon be joining Garrison on the "useless event" club.

Dizzmal said...

I consider myself, decently to above average geared and one of the main reasons I'm excited about this update is the fact that people can go back looking like the job they are supposed to be playing. Not five thousand people wearing Turban, or the army of storm troopers that Perle made(Yes I know I'm one of them)

I am unhappy that all my hard work over the years has went to waste, but I'm happy to see them come. I think that unless this stuff is impossible to get for the average player, it will be a nice addition to the game.

As powerful as this stuff is, I can't wait to see level 99.

Jacinda said...


I've heard about people wanting to leave due to sheer frustration and the speed of these updates. Granted, this stuff is good, but it's coming at a really fast rate. I guess we'll see in time.


Now that's a reason I can get behind. I do like the fact that people will shy away from the cookie cutter appearances that have dominated FFXI for so long.

At the same time, your reason for joy isn't simply because there's something new and shiny to chase after, which is what I hear from so many others.

CidBahamut said...

I'm kinda irked by it all because it means we'll end up with years and years of content getting stuck in Garrison limbo like Lisa said. To me that's not adding content, that's taking it away. Taking away perfectly good content I've been looking forward to in favor of a sparse new endgame that has nothing but fugly hats as far as the eye can see? That's not an update, that's just trolling.

Dizzmal said...

Here is somthing else to Chew on: AF3 @ 81-85. I didn't think that AF3 would start till 90-99 tbh. I'm really suprised and I'm wondering if SE has in store for us down the line. I mean as awesome as this new gear is, how are they gonna come out with gear that will be "the end all be all" gear for the HNM players.

As we all know, FFXI has always released AF then somthing that makes AF junk in the past. So what will make this stuff obsolete down the road?