November 13, 2010


Why are you people like this?

I'm a nice person, and I think that's going to eventually cause me to explode and hurt someone online. More accurately, I think I'd take out a group of people. Namely men.

I swear on all things holy, you guys are pissing me off by the day. All this bullshit flirting is getting old extremely quick. I have friends who like to call me "hon, sweetie, cutie" and all that good stuff. Those people are fine. It's more a term of endearment than anything else. They might even say some stuff that would normally warrant a slap, but they are my friends and it's ok. To you other guys, cut that shit out. Seriously, it's damn pathetic.

Running up to me in town and staring me down while you say stupid shit just makes you look desperate and idiotic. Perhaps it's all in good fun and a joke to you, but I don't like it and I'd truly appreciate it if you would simply get the fuck out. Go away with your cheesy ass lines and stupid boasting. Knowing that you're pimped out isn't going to make me want to be your virtual girlfriend and brag to everyone about how I get to be with you while you deck me out too. I don't swing on anybody's dick hairs, so stop trying.

"Oooh baby, look at my new AF3+1. I can get it for you too if you hang out with me."
"Damn girl, you are so hot."
/stare /nod /stare /smile.

That's the best you people have? Please get the fuck out.

I might bitch, whine, and complain a lot about what I don't have but I am not that damn desperate to be with anyone or to get gear.


Tidis said...

Hey baby, my sword occasionally swings twice and so does something else if ya know what I mean!

Jacinda said...

I sense an MPK in Dynamis tonight.

Anonymous said...

LOL, made me laugh but boy do I agree. I've had more than one guy try and 'buy' me as his ingame wife...

Breathem said...
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Breathem said...

Dear! dont forget that one =D
and wow >.> <.< you tell em!
just make sure im not one of thos guys you take out lol *hides*

CidBahamut said...

I'd like to apologize on behalf of my gender. Honestly I don't understand that kind of behavior any more than you do. Possibly less in fact.

V said...

One of the contributing reasons may be that too many of those "men" are actually middle school students still undergoing puberty, experiencing arousal for the first time.