November 5, 2010


Tidis hit the nail on the head awhile back when it comes to my blogging. I'm not nearly as consistent as I once was. Shocking, I know. When this blog first started it had the format of "A day in the life," with me posting my daily activities and how I felt about it. This is fine and dandy, but you're eventually going to end up posting the same thing over and over and over. Especially if you manage to stick with the same linkshell for an extended period.

Then it went from what I did everyday to the items I obtained. While I have posted some of the things I've picked up since I started here, I never wanted this to become a blog about shiny items. I remember reading a post which pretty much summed up how I felt about the "look at me" types of blogs. Though I think my disdain for them is more or less because I don't boast very often, and I find little interest in doing so.

Of course, most of this blog has now become a repository for the repressed rage that builds up over the course of my playtime. It's therapeutic in a way. It prevents me from going ballistic on people while also keeping me from destroying my home in a fit of anger. Not saying that I want to hurt anyone I game with, but I will say that I have an extremely active and vivid imagination when it comes to methods of dealing discomfort.

Still, it seems that my thoughts and my desire to blog do come to the occasional impasse. I love blogging and I probably should have started it as soon as I began FFXI. I have plenty of things that I want to talk about, but I wonder how much of it is worth reading. Then again, I used to just sign on to this site and talk about whatever was running through my head at the moment. Perhaps I should stick to less thinking, more typing.


CidBahamut said...

I've often been struck by the vast difference in FFXI blogs. As you said there are the "look at my loot" blogs, and they're universally unsatisfying to read. But then there are the blogs that offer up stories about the player's journey through the game which make for fascinating reads and sometimes contain rage posts. But rageposts are often entertaining so it usually balances out as we get to nod our agreement about whatever the blog is raging about because we've gone through it ourselves.

While putting out blog posts on something loosely resembling a schedule is nice, I've always felt it's more important to blog when you have something to say. I've tried forcing myself to write up posts in the past and they're always inferior to the ones I crank out when I get excited about something and have the urge to post right away. It's the old quality over quantity issue.