December 3, 2010

A Day in the Life

Truth be told; it's more like a month in the life. I swear I get all of these awesome blog ideas while I'm playing, then I forget to post it or get caught up in an event. Anyway, enough with the excuses. Stories and pretty pictures incoming!

They make it worthwhile

As you all can probably guess, I really dislike doing things alone. Sure, I can solo a lot of things at this point in my Vana'dielian life, but I choose not to. I didn't come to this place to be by myself, and I certainly don't like it when I am. For those times that I do get to do things with friends, even when they have to drag me out to do it, I appreciate it. So to my friends, thanks. ^^

Git 'er Done!

It's great to actually feel like you are making progress in FFXI. Well, in anything for that matter. Of course, I usually accomplish some small task every time I log on. I get very frustrated to simply sit around and do nothing, so I make it a point to do something productive, even if only get a few merits. Unfortunately, nothing in this realm screams accomplishment like the latest piece of gear or level cap. No matter what's going on underneath the hood, the paint job is what gets people's attention.

With that being said, I've actually picked up some new "paint" for several of my classes, and it does indeed feel good. The upgrade process is still a bitch and the quests are beyond stupid, but I don't believe SE will ever come to understand just how inane the quests they make really are.

This makes it sound like I have never received anything good before, which is far from the truth. Though what makes me notice my accomplishments more is because of one simple thing: Guildwork. I joined the site a short while ago just to see how it is, and I like it so far. What I really like is seeing the live feed of what everyone has recently (in Guildwork time) accomplished. Seeing when people reach that new level or get a new title is just nice. Guildwork doesn't judge the importance of what you get. It simply shows that you got it. I like that. When I feel that I haven't done anything recently, I just look at the site. It quietly reminds me that no matter what I *think*, the fact is that I certainly am moving forward.

On the subject of accomplishments, both myself and my LS have been making some progressive strides recently. I'm finally starting to fight (and defeat) the Abyssea quest NMs, and hopefully I'll be taking on the actual zone bosses very shortly. I've fought more Abyssea NMs that yield Abyssite and Atma upon defeat as well, making me considerably more effective while inside. Aristocrats beat Dyanmis-Qufim awhile back, which now opens up Tavnazia for us all. I've done Tavnazia a couple of times before, so it will be nice to finally go back. Maybe we'll even clear it. I'm in need of a new title.


Nothing ever comes easily, and it seems like I spend more time waiting for a raise than actually fighting or healing. I'm either extremely awesome and just pull way too much hate for anyone to ever take back, or I don't have the slightest clue of what the hell I'm doing and just get myself killed a lot. I prefer to think it's the former, but the end result is always the same.

Oye, I'm tired. I'll see you all later. Looking at myself dead on the ground makes me want to take a nap.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you are having fun and making progress. Your gear looks very nice and you took some nifty screen shots, I'm happy for you! I suppose you can say I'm officially done, being I haven't been on in about 2 months. Things have gotten quite busy, I do miss the game though. Or should I say I miss what it was, not a real big fan of the newer stuff. Regardless, I miss all of you on it!


Jacinda said...

Epic, noooo!!! :(

CidBahamut said...

I've never been very good at getting things done when I log on unless there's something going on in the LS I can help with. Props to you for being proactive about it.

Congrats on Pimp Hat 2.0
Is it as sexy as I want to believe it is?

Krissykat said...

Ok ... that rose is TOO cute. Ahhh! lol. When you get tired of FFXI, you MUST play FFXIV with me! But it is absolutely terrible right now so keep playing FFXI. LOL. I hope you come over to the dark side eventually, though. You make FFXI still seem so fun :P It's too late for me to come back u_u

I've only done Tav once and I never completed it D: Annnd my DRK was queen of deleveling. But I didn't really care if I died or not so har har.