December 3, 2010

Let the lulz commence

Just like clockwork, SE has released more notes about the upcoming version update. As expected, it contains quite a few surprises, both good and bad. While I'm always nervous that something will inevitably break or become nerfed, one thing that I can always count on is crying.

Currently, the loudest whiners are the Dark Knights. See why I chose not to level this class? Imagine how emo I'd be right now as opposed to just bitchy. Yes, you got a crappy and ultimately useless job trait. We know you can't parry worth a damn, so a trait that rewards you for something you more or less never do is insulting. I completely agree with your anger. You even got another shitty ability to intimidate arcana, which has been non-existent in Abyssea. Again, useless.

I understand your frustration. I'd be pissed too. What I wouldn't be crying about is this bullshit concept that your class has been put in a grave and can no longer be considered a viable DD option just because Warrior and Monk got some nifty stuff that you didn't. If you couldn't do shit to keep up with them before, don't get pissy about it now. While I'm sure their new abilities are going to be nice and shiny for now, you don't know how they're going to actually be used until the update. For all you know, there might be something else in store for DRK around the corner.

What I find especially amusing, with any class that feels left out, are the people who spent their FFXI lives on a job and then make all these threats to quit. Stop that already. You're only as useless as you make yourself. I remember a DRK in an Abyssea party who bragged non-stop about how he rarely needed to be healed as long as he had haste due to the curative properties of the Catastrophe weaponskill. Going on and on about his awesome damage and whatnot. Now that he got two useless abilities that don't hinder his current performance, he's threatening to quit. Really now. You're going to quit because SE seems to be leaving you in the same state that you're currently in? You'll still do great damage, won't need healing, and can still kick ass...yet you want to quit? Do you guys think about the things you say before you say it?

Cry when things are taken away. Scream and shout when they reduce your effectiveness. Threaten to quit when they take everything good about Dark Knight and reduce it to rubble. But seriously, don't bitch just because you got something you probably won't ever use.

If it makes you feel better, just remember the skillchain bonus trait that Dancers got. Cause you know, everyone wants Dancers to use their TP for weaponskills and not healing / sambas.


Dizzmal said...

I honestly don't see what the QQ is about when it comes to Drk. Does no one remember how much Drk was improved to the average player when Perle came out? It pretty much slapped every E-body Drk out there in the face.

Now I'm not trying to blow my own horn here, but many of you that read this thread knows how I play drk. I can honestly say, that when I parse against someone, I'm normally in the top 3 spots(Unless I get myself killed)... Now to me, I don't see that as a gimped DD. I think the players are what makes a DD good or not, no matter the job.

I will agree that some jobs have a higher damage potental, but I don't think that any certain job is just gimp when it comes to DDing.

Jacinda said...

That's exactly what I mean. You should see the amount of crying going on.

"Oh my god, DRK is DEAD! What am I going to do with my useless DRK now that WAR and MNK are so strong! Oh god!!"

/facepalm. It's as if they completely forgot how good they already are. Can it be improved? Of course it can, but that doesn't mean they're in a bad spot now.

V said...

I commenced the lulz.

People just don't realize how fortunate they are already and take things for granted.