February 9, 2012

Just a side note

You know, I miss exp parties. Not the revolving-door alliance parties we have now, but the good old 6-man setup. It's not that I want to level slowly or that I even enjoy it. However, those parties created something that these alliances just don't have time for.


Think about it. How many friends on your list did you find in an exp party? You were close to the same level, and before Level Sync, you needed to keep those people close because there was no telling when you'd find another paladin, ninja, white mage, rdm, or what have you. Those exp parties turned into static parties, which then became AF hunting parties. You spent all that time together, and you inevitably started to have conversations with each other. You just can't get that anymore. I honestly can't think of the last time I made a real friend since Abyssea.

Sure, there are people I associate with and even share a laugh or two. An actual friend, though? I have a friend list full of people I barely ever talk to, and conversations aren't usually that exciting. I join linkshells, but again, it's that clique mentality. You're either a part of the "in-crowd" or you sit on the sideline and just watch them do whatever. The friends made from ages past have now moved on to other things. They may still be in the same game, but you don't spend the time with them like you did before.

When those friends leave, what's left? Where do you find a new friend, or do you just wander about on your own?

I know this isn't a long post, and it's not my typical bitching. Just something I felt like sharing.

Bey, Frice, Yoko, Bhin, Dizzmal, Ally, Breathem, Key, Garn, and so many others....if you ever happen to read this, I sure as hell miss you guys. Playing in the sandbox simply isn't the same anymore.


Dizzmal said...

I 100% agree. I left the sandbox linkshells a few weeks ago. I went back to my first linkshell I ever joined. They aren't what you would consider normal players. They get off on trioing leveling no matter what. They are brand new to Abyssea. I have had fun taking the time to teach them the game and get them the gear that so many people take for granted. It has been fun ^^