April 19, 2010

A Wasted Day

That's how I want to describe yesterday. Well, it's actually how Aneviaul summed it up for me.

You see, I have this problem. Whenever I level a job, I tend to resort to Wikipedia's Equipment Guide for said job. It's full of handy information and advice for people who don't know exactly what to get. Of course, I could just say to hell with it and buy what I think would work, but due to my self-critical nature, that would just be disastrous. So how is this a problem, you might wonder?

A lot of the gear listed is either HQ (which I usually can't afford), or it's R/EX from some NM with incredible difficulty or extremely shitty drop rate. With that said, I bring you.... Belladonna.

I hate this NM.

The good thing about this lovely creature is that it spawns every 100 minutes. This is nice because you can get plenty of chances to kill it if you pay attention to the time. Unfortunately, this is one of those NMs with craptastic drop rates. Wiki be damned, and to hell with all of you who went 1/1 on this.

I spent all day...and I mean ALL day camping this goddamned flower, or whatever the hell it is. From 6 am to 9 pm, I planted (see what I did there) my ass in West Sarutabaruta and killed plants to pass the time. Every now and then, I'd run out and campaign or do something trivial until it was time for the next spawn. I lost the first claim because the stupid thing spawned on one side of a rock and waltzed right into the range of an RDM on the other side. The rest were all mine; gogo Animated Flourish!

Eventually, Yoko saw me out there and she brought her awesome treasure hunter along. Yoko has been my pocket thief for a long time, and I owe a lot of my gear to her TH. Bella said screw that and refused to give up the goods. We didn't even get a damn crystal.

Yokorye defeats the Belladonna... no drop.
Carinde defeats the Belladonna... no drop.

This went on for hours. I got one claim while Yoko was away and silly me didn't realize I was out of nin tools. Yeah, I died. Changed jobs and ran back as a naked BLM, hoping to claim before anyone arrived. I got the claim, but had no gear on me and not enough MP to really do anything. Guess what? Yeah, homepoint for me. I grabbed some shihei and changed back to Dancer. Got the claim again and killed it. Naturally, no drop. Talk about being pissed off.

Eventually, I saw that the LS was going to take pictures for ZNM, so I'm hoping that we'll get around to doing those. Personally, I only see three things I want from there: a pair of Oracle's Pigaches, the Alkalurops staff, and a pair of Hachiryu Haidate. Of course I want the Hachiryu body as well, but that requires beating Pandemonium Warden. No offense to my LS, but that simply isn't ever going to happen.

Anyway, I left moments before Bell was due to spawn, but I was tired of sitting around and wanted something different. I got a few pictures taken, then everyone decided to take a break. So that was exciting.

As a result, the only thing I had to show for yesterday was a few pictures of a worm in Aydeewa Subterrane and less exp on two jobs.

Finally I just said screw it and went to sleep.


Yesterday was basically a huge pile of Marid shit. I was getting ready for work this morning and figured I'd go campaign since I'm a few days away from being demoted. I checked my map and saw a battle in West Saruta going on. So off I went, but then I stopped. Come on, you know I had to go look.

Of course, it wasn't up. I started to leave, but I kept getting this feeling. What if I leave and it spawns? What if this is the one? I went back to killing the plants and wasting more time. At least I could only spend an hour there this time. A few people ran through to check. An RDM, a PLD, and this 75 DNC who thought they were slick and used invisible. In case you happen to read this, I saw you.

Ten minutes before it was time to go to work, Bella spawned and I got the claim. After completely wasting the previous day, the damn belt dropped on the first fight of the second day.

Thank you Wikipedia, for giving me yet something else to drive myself crazy over.