April 26, 2010

A puzzle

Ok, I've got to put an end to this belief I carry. My self-image in-game is directly tied to how I perform. That should not be the case, but it is. It's become so bad that I filter out everything just to avoid seeing the damage that myself or anyone else is capable of doing so I don't feel as bad. I block out heals, weaponskills, everything. It's quite pathetic, really.

In terms of understanding my jobs, I'm set. I don't claim to be an expert, but I know every single job that I use. I use my abilities and pay attention to what I'm doing. I watch my party and adjust my play style to fit the situation where it's called for. I'm always open to advice and hints on some neat tricks, but I don't consider myself as having a lack of knowledge.

When it comes to gear / merits; however, I am at a loss. For one, I flat out refuse to merit anymore. If my LS invites me (a rare occasion) or a group full of friends, then I will go. Pick up groups and whatnot? Hell no. I need to get over it, but I am deathly afraid of meriting with strangers. Not due to having a bad group, but just my own view of myself and my equipment. Of course, everyone knows this, so it's nothing new. When I do get any merits, it's either accidentally through sky farming, or playing around in the sandbox / campaign battle.

Gear is a work in progress. Quite honestly, I'm in a bit of a quandary about that. People say to set priorities when it comes to upgrading and all that. This is fine and dandy, but I'm not sure which pieces of gear take priority over another. Also, I don't want to be pigeonholed, and that's exactly what will happen. Truth be told, that's the very reason I stopped paying as much attention to BLM, which was my primary reason for even playing this game to begin with.

So where do you start? Obviously, you need money, but how do you go about getting it? I have around 2,000 seals to waste, but I'm hesitant to use them with people I don't know. Then, which BCNM / KSNM has the best seal:gil ratio? Royale Ramble is nice, but then you end up flooding the market with ingots and the price drops. UO is always good, but the chance of winding up with a full load of crap is virtually guaranteed. Of course, everyone wants the 50mil Speed Belt from KS99, but there's a reason that and the Kraken Club cost so damn much.

What's next? Farming. I can't even begin to describe how boring this is for me. Nevermind the low inventory space that I have; just getting the drops is frustrating enough. Doesn't help that I only have Thief at 41, but am I seriously supposed to level a job all the way to 75 just so I can run around and farm materials to sell that I'll use to upgrade other jobs?

Another thing I could try is crafting. This one follows the old "it takes money to make money" saying. So far, I've level Alchemy to 60 and a Smithing to 14 or so. Now, it's my understanding that in order to really be useful as a crafter, you need to take one craft to 100 and every other to 60. I don't know about you, but I just don't have the patience or gil for that endeavor.

Now let's say that I actually go through with one of the above and make it my goal to get X amount of gil to upgrade gear. If I look at really trying to make my jobs useful, any one of them will require well over 15-20 million gil, and this excludes Salvage gear. I do have a Dynamis / Sky LS, and my main LS dabbles in various endgame events (without much consistency for various reasons). However, Dynamis / Sky is the only thing I routinely do, and that's once a week. So you can imagine how long it will take to get relic / sky gear for my jobs. Therefore, the fastest means of acquisition is to buy gear outright. My Dyna shell doesn't do payouts, and my attendance in Sky is so low due to my work schedule that it's basically pointless to worry about the payouts from there. I know I've missed at least two payouts, but whatever.

Disregarding luck on HQ synths and great drops from BCNMs, the amount of time it will take to get this much gil will take at least a year. Now I ask you, does this mean that I should go into some reclusive mode and just farm / craft until I get this amount of money? Is that how people do it? Just go away for months on end and then return as this well geared player? I'm serious here; I really need some type of advice because this is driving me nuts. If I'm actually able to do this, I'll more than likely be bored sick of any jobs I already have by then and switch to a different job, repeating this cycle all over again.

The only job I won't get bored with is Samurai, but everyone and their unborn child is a SAM. Except EP, but he's special. As such, the requirements of what makes an acceptable SAM now are so high that few people ever reach it.

I'm not a bad player. I know this and I've had several people tell me the same. I'm not one of those SAMs who comes to an event wearing gear that has people scrambling to find the "Remove Member" button when they see me, nor am I an incompetent mage who nukes in Lv.10 INT rings while wearing full RSE at 75. Still, I have this perception that I simply have not been able to break.

I know I'm rambling and all, but this has been bugging me for some time now. How do you guys manage it? I'm not the only one with multiple 75's, so I know there has to be a way to do this without losing my mind. I've got to find a way out of this situation. Anyone have some advice?


Tidis said...

I'll be honest here, I can't make money, i'm awful at it.

All my money comes from Dynamis and Sky payouts where I very rarely miss a run.

I've tried farming and I just don't have the patience, i've tried crafting (Alchemy 57) and it gets to a point where you can't decide what the next skill up synth is because they're all awkward.

The puk ISNM can be a good way to get a khroma ore and you can do it daily, just need to spend 3k IS each time which would probably require an hour or two in a merit pt to cover.

The other one is ANNM, the Batallia Downs one is very easy but again you gotta get lucky with the drops and if you do it in a pickup group, everyone is freelotting everything so you have to get lucky there too.

We recently did that ANNM with SoV members, split the drops and got 11k each so that can happen but there's also the chance of an Imperial Wootz Ingot dropping.

Best thing about ANNM is they cost 1500AN if you're allied to that nation, 3k if you're not but that's very easy to obtain.

Jacinda said...

I tried that ANNM once before and it was fairly decent. Of course, I didn't win jack, but it was something different at least.

Right now, I'm at the point in crafting where things still aren't too bad. I just need to get 7,000 more Scorpion Claws so I can reach 62 and get rid of all the Venom Dust that's clogging my Delivery Box.

Tidis said...

ha yeah scorpion claws, was tempted to farm those to get my alchemy up a bit but wouldn't know where to go.

Jacinda said...

I pretty much bought up the supply of claws on Hades just prior to the merge, and quite a few on Cerberus too. Then I found myself with 72 gil and couldn't afford to go to Limbus. I haven't crafted since.

Dizzmal said...

Go to Attohwa Chasm they tend to drop quickly

Evilpaul said...

<--- Samurai Lv.1 4 Life, baby!!!!

I wouldn't worry about the "PersonA does X damage/cures more than me" thing. On BLM&SCH on anything that matters (i.e. NMs) whoevers spell goes off first usually wins by default because of the cumulative magic damage reduction nerf. For SAM it's probably who the NM is facing (assuming Overwhelm merits) and the millions it takes to get Hagun, Alky's, Shura+1, etc.

Neither of which is important next to the tanks, healers, and buffers being compentent and alert. Less than totally uber BLMs/DDs can mean running out of time, but doesn't usually result in wipes or lost NMs.


As for gil-raising, my personal method of choice at this point is...mostly not bothering. When I do though it's Fishing+NPCing fish or Fishing+Cooking+AHing the results. It works. I was able to get 6mil for BB items, a Toreador's Ring, and misc. other crap doing it.

I have a list of popular foods on (that I need to update to use Cerberus instead of Hades) along with various bullets, potions, etc. If there's not many Wizard's Cookies on the AH I used to go and synth up tons o' Ginger Cookies I'd eat and then AH the HQs for a nice profit. Apple/Melon Pie+1s, etc too. Stacks of Iron and Silver Bullet Pouches were often quite lucrative as well. Poison Pots made using Mercury from the Bibiki Bay/Whitegate Fishing Guild jellyfish paid for most of my BLM HQ AH gear.

You can also solo Light Elementals in Sky for clusters and do Holy Water. AH some. NPC the rest. It's boring and time-consuming, but you can get 3-9k gil per kill and some limit points.

You can level Bone, Leather, Cloth, Alchemy, and Wood partly or all of the way to 60 by farming+synthing in Crawler's Nest and make a profit doing it. I'll see if I posted about how I did it later.

Exorays are 100% droppers of Sleepshrooms. The scorpions I think are 100% on 1 claw and can drop two or three and possibly a shell too. The lizards drop tons of eggs, skins, and tails. The weaker funguars can drop King Truffles. The bees at the entrance drop Royal Jelly (rarely) which I think is used for a Lv.~100 Alchemy synth.

Fishing on the Ferry or in SSG catching Nebimonites can be decent money. (Halcyon+Shrimp Lure works)

I've got ~650 BS and KS in storage. Other than trying to get the LS to do KS99 I kind of doubt I'll ever use them or have any suggestions on making lots of gil w/ them. If you can get people for them ENMs might be decent. I can't say I've ever had any luck w/ them though (drops or getting people).

There's a FFXI Farming blog here:
I don't think it's getting updated much anymore though.


I'd just focus on whichever job you most want to improve. I leveled lolPUP simply because I think it's a cool job. It's far from uber, but I like it.

Matheus said...

My advice? Don't get nuts over gear. Unless you're on a HNM shell you do NOT need to worry about that.

Bottom line is:
skill > gear.