April 2, 2010

Hell Yeah!!

I take pride in the small victories. Changing jobs and having my gear all set up without taking 30 minutes sifting through my Mog House, being alive at the end of an ISNM run, small things like that mean a lot to me. Low standards or just easily pleased...who knows.

Today, I want to share what I find to be a pretty big victory for me. Mostly because I've never done something like this, but I'm sure others could with ease. Anyway, I got my first ever RDM/NIN solo! I've used this job combination before, but always in LS events and never to actually solo anything worthwhile.

I had just finished a Salvage run with some friends who've been kind enough to let me join their group last week, when I spotted an NM on Widescan. This isn't the first time I saw it, but the last time I was there as COR/RNG and didn't have my card ammo with me. I still didn't, but at least I knew what to go buy. Of course, the Auction House was out of Water Cards and no water clusters for me to make the cards, so I wasn't feeling too pleased. I ended up doing another event and then returned to Boompadu just to see if it was up. Luckily for me, it was. So I ran to my Mog House, got the best Corsair mage gear I could find, and ran back before anyone claimed/killed it.

Wiki mentions this NM is weak to water, which is nice because the ruins always have double rain weather. This made it extra nice for me because during one of my ridiculously bored moments, I farmed materials for all 8 elemental obis. I ran to the spawn area and used a couple of rolls to boost my magic damage, and then went to work. FYI, I don't have w.legs and even though this enemy moves slow, my gun fires slower. No, I wasn't trying to TP against this, I'm referring to the animation for Quick Draw. I guess I could try to blink through it, but I'm one of those people who likes special effects. I got hit pretty damn hard, and since I was COR/BLM it was a bad idea to let this thing get too close. The end result of this confrontation was a very quick death, but thankfully no one was nearby to see me and laugh.

Still, I did not want to give up so easily. You always hear about the almighty RDM/NIN and the ridiculous solo fights they do, so I thought I'd go back and try that. I just did the Odin fight and got myself a nifty neck piece and I figured maybe that would help me to an extent. Back to the moogle I go. Of course, now I'm rushing because I had pulled this NM to the 4 teleporters and the chance of someone coming across it was pretty high.

I made it back and no one had found it or bothered to attempt a battle. I stuck to the staple casts, Poison II and Bio III (gogo merits!), while running around the ruins like a scared child. It definitely took awhile, but it was also exhilarating in a way. It got me in the yellow most of the time, but I didn't panic and just kept using regen while kiting. I don't recall how long the fight took; all I know is that when all was said and done, I got 345 exp AND my first solo NM kill under my belt as RDM/NIN. w00t!! I also went 1/1 on the drop, and now I'm even more motivated to level DNC. While I don't like soloing in general, I do admit that soloing NMs like this is pretty thrilling. ^_^

Bow down, sucka!!

Neat multi-hit weaponskill macro piece, maybe?


Evilpaul said...

You know you really want to level PUP instead of DNC!!! ;-)

Jacinda said...

Now that PUP has a higher H2H rating, you just never know.

Of course, I need to build up my gil before I even think of leveling PUP. >.>