October 30, 2010


Ever hear of that site? You might have visited it once or twenty million times in your FFXI lifetime. Good old Wikipedia. It's where everyone goes to find the tried-and-true answers. Once something has been dissected and analyzed, the end results usually find their way to this wonderful website. Scores upon scores of linkshells base their entire strategic existence on the contents of wiki's web pages. Some people refuse to tackle any content until the answer to it has been put online. Quite obviously, wikipedia is a major component in our online world.

As a result, there are some people in FFXI (or any game for that matter) who hold a role of significance above the rest: the pioneers. The ones who figure out the stuff that goes on wiki in the first place. Many days, I try to figure out something enjoyable to do. I usually don't find the answer and end up doing whatever comes to mind, or wait for an event. As always, I am forever frustrated with some portion of Abyssea, but that's usually where I spend my time.

The latest buzz in Abyssea has been figuring out NM weaknesses. You know, the various !! that show above the NM's name after a specific action. There's been a lot of research going into this and each day seems to bring people a bit closer to a definitive solution. As a way of trying to help my LS get into this, I started reading the forums about those weaknesses and the triggers. As I read more and more, I felt myself getting excited. I was intrigued by the unknown, and felt as if I were a part of something bigger. I was silently in the background, working to help find an answer to something that people really want to know.

I couldn't wait to share whatever I learned or read about with everyone else. Even if I had to go back and correct something that I thought was right before, that feeling of discovery kept me motivated. Maybe this is how the others feel? Perhaps they get a rush when they figure something out or discover something new, and that's what keeps them motivated to continue on.

That's where I want to be. Out in front; looking for solutions and trying out new things. Finding those weaknesses and discovering what causes the Caturae to spawn. To be part of the group who discovers NM behavior and patterns. That's where the excitement is. Not just to be the first to get an item, but to find out where that item comes from in the first place.

While it can definitely be frustrating to fight an enemy you know nothing about, I can only imagine how exciting it must be when that same group solidifies their newly formed strategy and comes out with a victory.

Ah, to be a pioneer and blaze my own trail. Dream big, right?


Breathem said...

well said i so agree with this i would love to be one of thos thats on the front line on this and all new stuff as it would be fun as hell..its nothing like a good feeling im sure you beet something that no one has yet to do or figuer out something that no one has yet figuered out..all tho i have not have the honer to be one of thes people yet it would be something that i would injoy verry much..

Clannagh of Cerberus said...

Honestly, Wiki is a good place to find out about certain mobs and how they act, i.e. TP moves, movement speed+ etc. As far as a lot of other stuff goes like weaknesses, it's one of the worst places due to editing wars and people seeing the wrong things. Also very far behind on the full list last I checked.

If you're a regular visitor of in the Advanced section, you'll find out info around 1-2 weeks before it's posted on the Wiki.