August 25, 2009

Fail Party is Fail

Well, I decided to take my Scholar job that's been sitting at 27 for several months and start leveling. Yes I know, I just finished RNG and should be meriting. Eh, I'll get to that in a bit. It's all part of a master plan to get some damned inventory room. At least, that's what I tell myself.


So I recently hit 40 and was invited to party at Crawler's Nest yesterday. Not sure if I mentioned this before, but I am seriously tired of Fields of Valor. Over 10,000 tabs. 8k from Ranger alone. Because of this, I will jump at any party offered to me for now.

We had a good setup from what I saw. PLD, DRK, RNG, WHM, BLU, and SCH. I made it to the camp and we got started. Was a little bumpy at first due to me still learning the job and the crawler's spamming Cocoon all the time so my Addendums always got messed up. Shortly into the party, our BLU uses Healing Breeze at the start of one of the fights. The problem with that is everyone was at 95% HP or more. After his cast, he stopped moving. We finish the fight and unfortunately get a link during the next pull. The BLU still didn't move. Sleeps got resisted and a wipe was imminent. Several calls were made, but still no response. After the massacre, we get up and recover.

Ten minutes pass. Then the red dot of death appears and he vanishes seconds later. Fortunately, another DRK was seeking and he was glad to take the invite.

Just as our new DRK enters the zone, the PLD gives his 20 minute warning. Definitely considerate, but don't you think it would have been nice to say this before we invited the 6th? Getting DD for a party usually involves very little effort. Finding a tank; however, is not always so simple. Anway, our DRK makes it to camp and we begin. We get a few fights in and then a couple of people need their smoke break.

Now the PLD has to go and we start searching for a new tank. Since we're still basically in the lower levels, our leader figured a WAR/NIN would work. I was asked to stay on Light Arts as much as possible and only use Dispel when absolutely needed. Not surprising to know that I wasn't on Light Arts very much as a result. We found that our new tank was still at the AH in Whitegate and would be a few minutes. This would be fine if our DRK didn't have a Salvage run in 30 minutes. Instead of just standing around for the entire time, we decide to level sync to a slightly higher level than my own and just low-man the party.

We continue on until our DRK has to go, and our tank still hasn't arrived. We find a MNK to replace the DRK but she was in Whitegate as well. So, another short break is declared. A few minutes later, the tank enters the zone. Things are getting better, right?

Tank: {I'm Sorry} AFK {Short Time}

I'm a patient person, and so was the party, but this was getting a bit silly. We figured he made it to the zone, so we would give him a few minutes. Fifteen minutes later, he's still not back. Thankfully, the MNK doesn't take nearly as long. The leader finds a NIN to replace our WAR. Turns out the NIN is our leader's son, so we had a bit more faith that he wouldn't pull the same stunt that our newest tank has done. Just as we were about to boot the tank, he appears at camp. Rather than wait for the Ninja to show, we decide to start fighting since enough time has been wasted. After we kill our first Crawler, we get awesome news.

Tank: {Taking a break}
Leader: How long?
Tank: {Long Time}

Somewhere inside my head, I felt a blood vessel explode.

No time was wasted in kicking him from the party. The NIN was getting a chocobo but our WHM finally had enough. Despite pleas from our party leader, the WHM warped out. Personally, I was ready to leave as well, but I am too nice for my own good. Just so happened that another SCH friend of mine was online and I asked if he'd be willing to party. He came out quickly and so did our NIN. Finally, we have a stable party. One thing was missing.

Our NIN didn't have any offensive tools and also didn't seem to understand Yonnin and Innin.

So yeah, I love Fields of Valor.


Evilpaul said...

SCH40... <3 Accession.

Of course you don't really get anything cool to use with it until nearly the 60s. :-/

Jacinda said...

That is so true. I did find that Accession + Regen II makes for very efficient (or lazy) healing in parties. ^_^

It's awesome.