August 17, 2009

A Mass of Recollections

Basically, a bunch of pictures. Jaci's Emo Week is over, so now it's back to the normal routine. I meant to post a blog about my experience with getting Vali's Bow, but the short version is that I simply hate the Eastern Shadow.

I. Hate. You.

A lot of things have been going on since my last blog, but to post everything would take days and I already talk a lot as is. So for now, just take in the mass picture spam and I'll fill you in on all the details by Sunday. ^_^

We're starting to make a routine out of doing ZNMs now. I really should get get some Zeni. >.>

Who needs a GM when you have Odin watching your every move?

I needed some new town gear, so I did this year's Sunbreeze Festival event. Shining Summer Samba!

You standard ugly NM in Limbus. I almost have enough coins for a Boxer Mantle!

We were warned not to aggro, so I ran under it and aggroed. What, I was bored.

I was late getting out of work, but congrats to Vermiliono and Yuna!

Helping Bhin during a Nyzul run. I don't remember if I got anything. Probably not.

Cape Terrigan: A Place for Pups.

Having fun in Promyvion with Karyn and a new friend. Karyn just hit 68!!

Me, doing what I do best as a BLM.

Would've been cool if we had someone from San D'Oria here. Well, maybe not.

Finally, I have access to Dynamis - Tavnazia. Really not sure what's so special about it though.

Let's see. I've also hit 75 Ranger and have a few merits saved up. I haven't seen a ranger in a merit party, so it looks like I'll either get my merits through campaign or using RDM / SAM in a party. Who knows.

I am so tired right now. Taking a nap, and I'll see you later.