August 9, 2009

E-peen Nonsense

For anyone about to view this, please understand that this is a rant. Not a bitch session where I briefly gripe about something silly, but a full-on rant. If vulgarity offends you, close the page and come back when I make another post.

Don't say I didn't warn you...

Why do people have to be such assholes in online videogames? The direct relation of anonimity to rude behavior is astounding. Lately I've witnessed a few people getting put down by people who call themselves "career veterans."

I'm trying to be serious as I type this, but it's a little difficult.

Are you for real? This is what you believe? You're a "career veteran." Doesn't use of that term usually indicate something along the lines of...well, a job? For anyone who believes that they are a "career 'anything'" here, you do realize that this is a videogame, right? You don't get paid to play this. GMs do, and you're no GM. No outside employer gives a damn that you spent two years to fully upgrade a relic weapon. That HNM shell you helped create doesn't mean shit after you sign off. Your family doesn't run around boasting to their friends that you and your buddies killed Khimmy last night and a Hauteclaire dropped. I'd be surprised if they knew what that was to be honest.

I am flat-out amazed at the amount of virtual dick that gets flung around in this game like it means something. Whatever amount of awesomeness you think you posess as a result of things accomplished in FFXI needs to be discarded. Know why? Cause it doesn't mean a goddamned thing. No really, not a fucking thing.

When you hit 75, did you physically change in the real world? Did you get increased agility, or a heightened sense of awareness? Are you able to suddenly scream and enhance the strength of youself and surrounding friends? Did you get this ability to take extreme amounts of physical punishment and brush it off like it's nothing, or maybe you can control the weather and cause a flood just by waving your hands?

Something tells me that none of that happened.

So until it does, do everyone a favor and shut the fuck up. You are not special. You haven't done a damn thing in this game that someone else hasn't done. As a matter of fact, boasting in FFXI is extra stupid because most shit in this game that's remotely impressive can't be done alone. Which means you need someone else's help. Oh shit, the uber person that thinks they are all that actually needed a helping hand. Better keep that a secret or your e-peen might shrink.

Really, what the hell are people thinking nowadays? You seriously think you're better because you happened to get an item from an NM? I remember seeing a forum post that read something to the effect of "if you don't have a Defending Ring and Aegis, you're not a real Paladin."

I hate people like that. People who will do their best to make others feel like they are worth less just because of the gear they may or may not have. Yes, gear helps a person's performance. Anyone who's played this game is well aware of that. However, gear doesn't make the performance. You don't get gear and suddenly become a FFXI god or goddess. That Deulist's Tabard doesn't make you some RDM powerhouse. Having a Valor Surcoat doesn't mean you can go tank Tiamat.

You want to boast about something? Go solo the Pandemonium Warden or Absolute Virtue. I'm sure they'll be happy to delevel your stupid ass. And you know what? On the ridiciously off-chance that a person ever did solo them, the end result would always be the same.

It means nothing.

Not a thing.

Because in spite of all the accomplishments made in Vana'diel, there is still one undeniable truth:


God I used to be such a nice person before I started playing this. Maybe I need a break.


Krissykat said...

Lol.. very very very true -_-;

Joey said...

haha, the part about being a nice person before MMOs ever came into the picture is so dead-on.