March 31, 2010

A New Life

Well it's been a full week since the server merge so now I feel that I can give a less emotional and more rational opinion of what I think about things now.

As Dizzmal said in his recent blog, there are a few idiots that now have the joy of being hated by two servers instead of one. Inglorion is one, and now we have Tudds as well. The sad part about Tudds is that he wasn't this way on Hades. The only thing that has changed is the audience, and now he sits in Whitegate doing nothing more than useless "Did you know" shouts. Unfortunately, I feel that he has fallen victim to the "GIFT".

I've seriously been tempted to shout the Old Spice version of "Did you know," but that would be condoning the behavior and feeding into it, even though I do find that commercial funny.

Competition seems pretty fierce in sky, but I haven't been anywhere else *cough*we need events, Epic*cough* to really know how things are in other places. We did a Dynamis-Taznavia run, and only one other LS showed up. Of course, that was well over 30 minutes from our initial gather time so I can't call that competition as much as our ever-growing inability to start an event on time.

Currently, the flavor of the month is the new Trial of the Magians, but I just don't see the point to it. Sure, it beats having to camp some of the NMs for weapons that are similar to what these provide, but how much time will you spend doing these trials in comparison to camping? Also, the main benefit of these seem to favor relic / mythic holders...and I don't have either. So that's one thing I won't be taking part in.

The biggest change in all of this is my new name. It's really throwing myself and other people off. When I switched over to SoV for our Kirin burn, I remember Tidis going "Who the hell is Carinde anyway?" Oye. Thankfully, some people were quick to point out who I am. It should be obvious, really. I'm the only one in SoV who doesn't talk, and I'm the Samurai who idles in Askar with a flower in my hair. Jesus people, learn to recognize what your teammates wear. >.>

Aside from that, I'm meeting some nice people. I was worried that Cerberus would be a server full of jackasses and morons, but if the shouts in Whitegate are any indication, I think we brought over more jackasses than they initially had. Maybe they're just hiding their true nature for another time. I've also looked at several of the people while I'm wandering from place to place. All I can say is Salvage must be the premier event of this server. I swear, I've yet to see a 75 BLM or RDM that did not have a Morrigan's Robe. I don't know about the skill these people have, but they are certainly well geared.

So far, I haven't personally run into a problem with anyone. There was someone yesterday during a Nyzul Run that grated my nerves slightly with talk about the Goliard Saio and apparently couldn't take a joke. Meh, it was so minor that it's not even worth going into detail.

As it stands, I'm ok with how things are turning out. The issue with my name is the only thing proving to be a major hangup for me right now. Almost two years of having Jacinda and then suddenly having to switch is really tearing at me. I'm in no rush to change servers just to get my name back, but I won't lie and say the thought has never crossed my mind. More and more each day, it seems.

Oh, and of course....I still die everywhere I go.