May 4, 2010

New Attitude

I've been deciding what to do about my blog lately. Not in the sense of no longer writing; that would just be stupid. Instead, it's more about what to write, the layout, and the title. I find that many days, I force myself not to blog because it's usually just something that I feel like bitching about. Granted, that's most of what I do anyway, but I do exercise some restraint about how much griping I actually do.

Then again, why hold back? It's my blog after all, and if I want to gripe and bitch about something, then I should do it. I guess I don't want to alienate people from reading this if all I do is complain. I do talk about other things, and sometimes I even talk about stuff that makes me all warm and fuzzy. Not hot and bothered, but warm and fuzzy. There is a difference.

The current title, Revelations of Insanity, was thought of when I realized the craziness surrounding my experiences in Vana'diel. Not to mention, it probably also shows that I am personally crazy for noticing this stuff in the first place. After a brief internal shouting battle over events of the past few days, I think I might just change the title to something a bit more fitting, and blending in with the current iverb nomenclature:


Catchy, no?

Now for the layout. If someone, i.e. Dizzmal, would get back to me about my graphics request from 5 years ago, I might finally have a custom header to go with a blog design in my head. Of course, I could register at BG and ask them for help too. I just don't like the attitude of the people there. Maybe someone at could help as well. I don't know; I just like bugging Dizz about it more.

Anyway, I've got some other stuff to blog about. It's been a pretty interesting week.


Dizzmal said...

I almost spit out my drink at your new title idea. That was great hun.

I can help you with your request just send me a PM on SoV's site to what you are trying to come up with and I'll give you some advice.