June 24, 2010

Main Love

I was going to make a few posts about the new content and my thoughts about it all. Then I looked around and noticed 50,000 other blog posts doing exactly that. Suffice to say, I'm sure you all have your impressions of the new stuff without me saying the same things you've probably read elsewhere. With that said, it's time to change the subject.

Something I hear a lot with people who have multiple 75s (or now 80s) is the concept of a "main" job class. My understanding of it is very different from what it means in the realm of FFXI. To me, a main class is the one that you are actively using the majority of the time. More than likely, it's your favorite job. In an LS, I always think of a main job as the one that you would prefer to come to events as. As time has progressed, I realize that's far from the case. A main job has nothing to do with what you attend events as. It's simply a designation for what job you want to assign a lotting priority to.

Obviously, main jobs change as time moves on and you get gear, but your favorite would probably stay the same. I've thought about that, and I haven't figured out what my favorite job is. Granted, I have several that I personally enjoy, but I always run into a conflict with them. The individual joy is usually not in line with the need of the linkshell. This isn't their fault, mind you, but I seem to enjoy classes that are looked at as useless or unnecessary. SAM, RNG, and SCH come to mind, with the most recent addition of DNC. Still, I find myself wanting to find that one class that I'm known for. The job everyone seems as my primary class, despite what I show up to events as. The one that you just fall head over heels for and want to do everything to make it as enjoyable for you as possible.

I find myself thinking about this more and more with this level cap increase. While it's only 5 levels and 160k+ exp (!!!), motivating myself to make that climb is becoming more of a challenge than I initially thought.

What about all of you? Which job do you prefer over all else?


funbard said...

Samurai, hands down. Granted, I leveled SAM to 75 before the Hasso era and 2H updates. Former favorites or "mains" were Ninja (my first to 75) and Monk (where I capped guard at 75).

Lisa said...

I think you would know my answer to that question, but if you wanna guess, be my guest! You win a cookie!

Tidis said...