June 29, 2010

Tranquility Admist Chaos

Now that people have had a chance to sink their teeth into the new content, I figured I'd say a few things. Right now, the main focus of people seems to be getting their jobs to 80. Every place I go to is full of people trying to rush as fast as possible to reach the cap.

Well, I decided against that.

Not against it in the sense that I won't level my jobs, mind you. Just that I am going to take it easy and do things a bit slower than others. When the level cap first hit, I took at look at all of my jobs and their exp into 75. Some are sitting at 1exp tnl, while others such as Summoner are sitting at < 100 into 75. Yeah, I should probably get on that and at least get a 75 buffer.

As I said before, I like every job that I've leveled. At the same time, I just have not been able to bring myself to forcibly take any of them from 75 to 80. Another reason that I'm going to take my time is due to my current status with my jobs. If you've followed this blog for any length of time, you know my classes require some work. I'm content with that now, and I know I've got some work ahead of me. So I'm not really going to worry about getting jobs to 80 when they still aren't in top form at 75. FFXI is all about the sets, so this new gear isn't going to do much for me until I have acquired the missing pieces to really reap the benefit this new gear provides.

In addition to that is the burn-out factor. I've watched people start wearing themselves thin due to how much they're leveling recently, and I'd rather not add myself to the list of burnt-out players. On top of that, I have 12 75s to go through. So considering it's roughly (45k*4)*12, that's a lot of experience points to plow through. Of course I'm not obligated to level them to 80, but it would be stupid to leave the majority of them at 75.

Finding camps is another turn-off for me. Our server is already crowded since the merge, and now you have every person with a 75 (read, everyone who plays) searching for a camp. Hell, people are actually camping camps now. I just have no interest in trying to fight to find a place to level. Even the sandbox is ridiculously overcrowded now.

So yeah, I think it's time to just take a deep breath and relax. This content isn't going anywhere anytime soon and making 80 hasn't turned anyone into an all-powerful god of war (lame reference, but meh.). There's plenty of time ahead to level.

I actually find it rather peaceful and comforting to approach things like this. Now it's time for a rant. ^_^


Aerroenu said...

I know I'm not rushing to get my WHM or RDM to 80... even though, yeah, my RDM would be more useful to my Limbus LS 75+. :( Part of me doesn't want to join the flood of folks grinding to Lv. 80 and fighting each other for camps. The other part is being a miser and spending whatever gameplay time I get to craft and resupply whatever markets I'm in... which are going crazy well, now.

Jacinda said...

I tend to stress out easily here, so I think it's a safe approach for me to take my time with things here for now. One of the main jobs I'm sure people would want me to level is Black Mage. Fine and Dandy, but at same time...meh.

However, I saw an Pup's Automaton today that was kicking ass with Stone V. I realize saying Pup, Automaton, kicking ass, and Stone all in the same sentence is punishable by death in some states, but I swear it's true.

By the way, your graphic on your blog is cute. I wish DIZZMAL were back online so he could help me make mine. (Yes, I'm calling you out again.)