July 28, 2010


I'm warning you now. This is a rant. A vulgar rant. There are curse words. Lots of them. Don't read this and get mad because you're no longer a virgin to vulgarity.

I warned you.

For as long as I can remember, I've always been the modest type. I don't brag, boast, or hold people to super high standards. In gaming, I'm more or less the same way. I believe in giving everyone a chance. We all have to start somewhere, right?

It pains me to say it...God it pains me so much, but I discovered something scary:


Goddamn it people. Seriously. How in the granddaddy fuck do you not understand how some of these events work? Why do you feel that it's up to the alliance to babysit and explain how lights work in Abyssea? Do you not realize there are 400,000 pages of wikipedia and various forum information that breaks this shit down?

I just got out of a party that so far ranks among the worst that I've seen. I'm not even kidding. Granted, I was only there for an hour, but that hour was more than enough to get me to find a replacement and get the hell out.

Some shit just doesn't make sense to me. Understand your damn job, and DO IT! When you have 2 BLMs, 2 RDMs, and a BRD....there is absolutely no fucking reason that the BRD should die due to a lack of sleeps. Same goes for the THF. There's just no excuse. If the lullaby gets resisted, RDMs should be on Gravity, BLMs on Stun. Sleeps in Abyssea should be like sleeps in Dynamis. That shit should be spammed. Every single person with the ability to sleep that enemy should be doing just that. It's not like you'll run out of MP there.

Oh wait, that's not true. You can run out of MP in Abyssea. Know why? Cause stupid fuckers refuse to open the goddamn temporary items chest. How fucking stupid is this? It's a free bonus people! Who cares if you use a key to open it? You get cruor by the assload and you're worrying about using a bit of it on a key? You "lol" and boast about buying every piece of gear there is, but you're hesitant to spend 500 on a key that can open a chest with items for MP, HP, and attack boosts? Really?

Now let's talk about lights. Without going in too deep, the concept of them is pretty straightforward. You want time extensions? Go for the azure light. You want more blue chests? Pearlescent's the way to go. If you don't want big gold chests popping up, how about not using your fucking key on the amber light chests. During the beginning of the party, no less. Fuck amber. Fuck ruby. Fuck anything that isn't helping to get time extensions when you're first starting out.

Goddamn it. Fucking think of what you're doing when you're in that place. We're against the clock and stupidity has no place in an Abyssea alliance. I just don't get it. You people are 75+; is it really that damn difficult for you? Oh shit, wait. Not everyone there is 75+. I don't mean the key-person. I mean the other people who now feel that they have to come in at 55+ and whiff there way to 75 while everyone else does the work. Get the fuck out of my alliance and go do FoV or campaign.

Then there's the questions. There's always the questions. Why do you wait until you are INSIDE the maw to start asking questions? No one gathers fast for these events, so it's not like you don't have time to ask whatever you want to know during the gathering phase. Someone there is going to hold everyone up. It's a requirement. Either they don't have Teleport-Mea, the gate crystal, enough gil for a chocobo, or they lose connection before entry time. One of those four is guaranteed to happen. So avoid being the Abyssean idiot and ask your questions before we start.


My name is Jacinda, and apparently I'm an Elitist. I'm sorry Bhinasha.


Dizzmal said...

I feel your pain. I don't mind 1 person leaching as long as they are doing chests. But I'll be damned if they rest of the DDs are @ the 100K mark and someone is just now hitting 20K mark.

Normally the next thing they notice is "Hey, wtf happened to meh party!" Right as their replacment joins the fight.. Ah then the /tells ensue... Quick note, don't suck ass and you wont be kicked.

Starcade, back on Leviathan said...

Let's put it this simply:


I'm not certain at all that, given what Abyssea can get for you, that the little shits who have overrun this game (and who badly need to get their asses kicked!) just aren't deciding for you that you're not going to succeed, LOL, ROTFLMAO, and all that garbage.

Bhinasha said...

It happens from time to time, having the good common sense to recognize what's functional doesn't make you an elitist, it just makes you reliable.


Sotel said...

I personally don't use Keys on Blue Temp chest otherwise I most of the time need to make more trips back to camp and some one else has to do it while I go, and sadly I'm paranoid about other ppl on chests regarding them not doing it right.

But then again while I might not use Keys on Blue Temp chests I generally try to open then normaly unless overloaded with chests lol