July 9, 2010

Where the hell are you?

Goddamn it. You know what really sucks about having friends that aren't in your linkshell?

You hardly see or do anything with them. At least that's how it is in my case, and it's really starting to bother me. It seems so trivial but I get bored out of my damn mind when I'm alone. I'm tired of the sandbox and I'm sure the raptors and beaks are tired of getting their ass handed to them by me as well.

I want to do things again, but with friends instead of random pickup groups. I'd love to do things with my LS too, but I'm not even going to worry about that anymore. I did my bitching about that situation already. There are days when I feel like "one of them" but most days I just mind my own business and do things myself.

It would be nice if I had awesome relationships with the people here that I consider friends. That doesn't sound right. My relationship with them is fine; it's the time spent that I lack. When I check my friend list, they're off with their LS or whatnot, doing events and all that. So obviously we can't do anything. Otherwise, I'm the one in an event. If we are both free, it's usually late in the evening and I either can't keep myself awake or I have to go to sleep for work in the morning.

This is driving me nuts. Fuck, why does it seem to be so difficult to spend time with the people who actually make this game worth playing? It would be so awesome to have a close group of friends that I did most of my things with. That group of people who have their picture drawn and posted on deviantart or some other forum to show how close they are. Hell, it would give me something else to post about other than the things I personally do. We'd have some silly antics to laugh about and inside jokes; we'd play together so much that we knew each others play styles and could go tackle all sorts of NMs and low-man shit just for the hell of it.

Am I the only one who feels this way? On a server of almost five thousand people and a nearly full friend list, I can't help but feel that most of my in-game time is spent by myself, and it just shouldn't be like this.


Dizzmal said...

I can always come by and hump your leg if it would make you feel better. /grin

Jacinda said...

Yay for leg humping!