August 16, 2010

Minor Ramblings

This past week was pretty interesting. I came to a few realizations about my performance, dealt with some personal matters, and even got a couple of nifty items. Where to begin?

Stop! Turtle time.

Tidis will get that reference. Last week, he mentioned an item he wanted from Abyssea. It's the Creed Collar from Chukwa, and it looks to be pretty nice for pld/war tanking. Maybe more for pld/nin since you have less tools for getting hate. Hell if I know, but he wanted it. On top of that there is a freaking awesome bow to be had, and that got my attention. I never mind helping someone, but it's extra groovy when you can get a reward in the process. So off to Abyssea we go.

We died pretty quickly too. >.>

Our first attempt was just a failure. No other way to put it. Dizzmal came out to help us, but Tidis had a crappy day and his connection kept dying. With him being the only RDM, he was more or less the lynch pin keeping things together. We went as RNG/RDM/BLM, but things just didn't work out. We kept trying and were on the verge of giving up when Dierdren volunteered to help a few days later. The fight went much smoother, save for Dizzmal constantly pissing off Chukwa and getting himself killed. We didn't get the collar, but I went 1/1 on the bow and that made me happy. So now we have to go back and get the collar. Watch another bow drop. I'm calling it now. By the way, those regular turtles are the cutest things. If BST can charm them, I'm definitely leveling that job just to have a turtle pet.

Scholarly Pursuits

I've been finding myself as a Scholar more and more recently. Maybe it's because Stormsurge is just full of freaking win, or perhaps it's my personal goal to do an event and keep Breathem alive in Dynamis the entire time. Regardless, I'm having quite a bit of fun, and it's definitely one of my favorite mage classes next to RDM.

I think other people are enjoying when I'm a Scholar as well. During that Dynamis run with the botched pulls, I even got some tells saying that I was awesome at being a healer. That made me feel pretty good. It's always nice to know that you are appreciated. Everyone could use a pat on the back from time to time. Of course, different people have different ways of showing appreciation, such as Tidis deciding to use me as a mat while he fought a Groundskeeper in sky. He was so thankful that I was there to keep his new Perle from getting dirty.

Pew Pew Power and Jellyfish Troubles

After I got my bow from Chuckie, I obviously had to run out and try it. You get a new toy; you have to play with it. That's just how things work. So I talked to Cal and headed out to Wajoam Woodlands to poke some birds in the brain. For the record, I hate Colibri. I'm trying to build TP and the bastard tickled my TP away...twice in a row. The first few Sidewinders were pretty decent, but then Dierdren came out. She was a bard, and all I can say is HOLY SHIT! Seriously, I had to do a double take. I was in awe at seeing how much better I could do. (Yes, I'm leaving out numbers because it's not that important to know.) We wandered around a bit, testing gear combinations and whatnot to see how much better I could get. It's so awesome to see improvements in your job classes, and I was one happy Ranger.

During a break, we started talking about a few other things, and the topic of inventory space came up. As usual, I don't have any space. One reason's because I've been holding on to organs from Al'Taieu. I had just enough for a couple of gorgets, but damned if I wasn't missing the jelly organs. Turns out that Dier and Cal were more than happy to help out, so we changed jobs and went to play.

Our first fight was a bit rough and we had to logout to keep from wiping. Interestingly enough, it was against the lower level version. We roamed around and found a harder one, and destroyed it. Doesn't make much sense, but we didn't question anything. In no time at all, I had my jelly pieces and all was well in the world. Then we went around to get some shark organs, but that wasn't nearly as simple. Those bastards are selfish. Still, we had lots of fun. I couldn't help but hum the Under the Sea tune while we fought.

An hour or so later, we got what we came for. A bit of shopping after that, and I got my flame gorget. It was my intention to get that and the breeze gorget, but I made a miscalculation. I went back later and got the rest of the organs. Thanks to the economy crashing, I was able to afford a Jupiter Staff and that made a hell of a difference in my ability to solo. So now I have Snow, Flame, and Breeze, which takes care of just about every weaponskill that I use on a consistent basis. Although...I have enough miscellaneous organs to get a Soil Gorget.

With the exception of a jelly organ. Naturally.


Dizzmal said...

Pissing things off is my way of life. ^^ I got a good laugh out of the Tidis rug thing too. lol