August 16, 2010

My Thanks to Abyssea

What's the most overused and utterly annoying word in the FFXI lexicon? I'll give you three guesses. Come on, try it.


Nah, that's more of an expression. Although, I suppose it could be annoying if you actually heard someone laughing as much as they type "lol" in conversation. Something along the lines of this:


Oh that's so close. However, that's relative to the user. Some people shout it all the time, while others rarely say it at all.

Give up? Here it is:


Dear lord, I want to kill people with this one. Congratulating someone should be done when it's something important. I find that this word is used to cover practically any given situation where something remotely positive happens to someone. The worst part is that it's usually something trivial. The more you congratulate people over trivial dealings, the more they're inclined to tell you about said trivial dealings in order to be congratulated more. It's a never-ending cycle, and it's got to stop.

This doesn't mean that I feel the word is pointless. It isn't. It's actually a very important and meaningful word which should be used when the time calls for it. We don't do that. We congratulate everything. It makes no difference if the event is something that matters or not.

You just unlocked a job? {CONGRATULATIONS!}
You have 12 stacks of keys? {CONGRATULATIONS!}
You reached level 12? {CONGRATULATIONS!}
Holy shit, level 24? {CONGRATULATIONS!}
Your skills are gimp as shit?? {CONGRATULATIONS!}
You randomed a 321? {CONGRATULATIONS!}
You reached level 78 for the 7th time? Dude, {CONGRATULATIONS!}

For the love of all things holy, stop congratulating people over pointless shit. Bring back the significance of praising someone on a job well done or a true accomplishment. Maybe this really gets to me now because of Abyssea parties. Someone levels or gets a merit point roughly every 10 minutes. The amount of congrats that go on in one of those parties is mind-blowing.

I swear, I've never had a reason to want to blacklist an entire alliance. Thanks to Abyssea parties, I've found that reason.


CidBahamut said...

I really hope you are blacklisting the entire alliance. That shit got annoying really early on in my FFXI career. Especially on the level ups. Folks I don't even know or like hand out Congratulations like it's candy and it irritates me.

It's gotten to the point where I no longer congratulate anyone for leveling up. If it's someone I know and it's a milestone level for them? Maybe.

If I want to congratulate someone sincerely, I procure and make use of fireworks, specifically Goshikitege.

eirias said...

Your examples of misuse get funnier as I read further down, double-peaking at:

- Holy shit, level 24? {CONGRATULATIONS!}
- You reached level 78 for the 7th time? Dude, {CONGRATULATIONS!}

I felt some social pressure to type out the congrats, but it was so meaningless in even pre-Abyssea merit parties.

Long-time lurker here who've enjoyed your writing, this nice post really struck home and funny too.

Jacinda said...

@Cid: I completely understand. The sad thing is that it makes me look like a jackass when I don't congratulate someone. At the same time, I'm going to say it when you've done something worthy. Hit level 50, 75, or something that's truly substantial, and I'll congratulate you. Otherwise, I'm just not going to bother.

@Eirias: haha, I had a few others that I left out since they didn't have to do with Abyssea, but I'm sure you would've got a laugh out of them. Maybe another time. Glad you enjoy the blog, and keep commenting. It's always nice to know I have some readers! ^_^

Krissykat said...

Lmao ahhhh I have missed Blogger. And also makes me miss and at the same NOT miss FFXI. It's funny when the person gets butthurt after no one says anything and then says it again it a few minutes later too. That's happened to me a few times >_>