May 15, 2010

2 for 1 Milestone!

First, I'm sick. I'm currently camping some stupid NM that no one ever gave half a damn about until the Trial of the Magians came along. I'm currently 2/3 and then I'll be able to go kill 30,000 pointless enemies. At least I'm guaranteed to get a merit out of it.

In other news, I just noticed that I hit the 100th post on this blog! Go me! I don't know what the hell I've managed to talk about all this time, but it's taken me at least 100 blog posts to do it. I'm pretty impressed with that. I'm sure you are too.

But there is something even more special than 100 posts. This month, Revelations of Insanity had it's 1st anniversary! What started out as something to pass the time has slowly grown into a full-on bitchfest of a blog and you've been with me for every rant. Thanks for that.

So here's to another year of lord knows what, and I hope that you all are here with me next year. Considering the amount of things coming our way in the next few months, I'm more than certain that I'll have at least another 100 things to rant about.


Matheus said...

Grats! ^^ 1 year blog that's a long time! Keep up the good work cause I love reading it!

Which trial you doing?

Jacinda said...

Thanks ^^ I'm currently working on the Athame dagger with +11 dmg and double attack. Need to find a way to get into the VNM scene though, cause the last trial requires 10 drops from the T3 VNM Pixie, Verthandi. >.<