May 29, 2010

Assault makes everything better

Yesterday, we decided to waste an hour or so in Dynamis-Valkurm. I say waste because we were going to farm the zone and didn't kill the Mega Boss. As a result, we didn't get maximum time. Just throws me off a bit at the notion of going to farm a timed zone and not get as much time as possible for farming. Whatever, I'm just thankful that we didn't have to go to Windurst.

As you all know, Dynamis is boring. There's just no way around it. The only time it is remotely entertaining is when you are a tank or if trouble breaks loose. Aside from the action, or lack thereof, the music adds to the boredom. Xarcabard being the only exception, but even that music isn't really much better. It just happens to be different, so that makes it slightly better than the depressing chant dynamis zones are known for.

So I had an idea. Well, my original idea was to mpk everyone. (I tease, but that would've made things interesting.) Instead, I decided to change the music. What I listen to on a normal basis is usually either very relaxing or some type of techno-trance, depending on the mood. Neither of those really fit the dynamis "slay everything that moves" scheme. So what does?


Hell yeah. Take that boring ass dynamis zone and turn it into a full-on Assault! Things got even better when Allistor made a mistake during the pull and we had 6 manticores come after us. We didn't stay in the zone for long, and the drops were extra sucky (Nin and Sam belts), but the music was awesome and I didn't get sleepy like I normally do.

Everything ended and I finally went to sleep because I didn't know what else to do at the time. This morning, I took a trip to the sandbox. Just out of curiosity, I played the same tune while slaughtering bunnies and chasing lizards. True enough, the sandbox became an action-packed zone of awesomeness.

Maybe this is a sign that I need to do more assaults, but that music sure as hell does make everything better.


Lisa said...

Lololol Jaci you're a badass killa ^^

I've done so much Assaults that this music brings me back to hitting walls in Excavation Duty ><

I personally like this version better, check it out:

Evilpaul said...

The MUSIC!!!!! /shudder

Sorry, I had a flashback to doing Lebros Supplies. Never. Again. NEVER AGAIN!!!! Stupid Erucas.