May 18, 2010

The Sound of Music

Actually, this has nothing to do with music, but it does deal with sound. More specifically, the sound of voices.

I suppose you could say that a voice is similar to music. It can be the most wonderful thing you've heard, or equally annoying. I'm sure no one here is new to Ventrillo. For awhile, I was. I started using it when I was in a Nyzul static. Of course, I never bothered to speak; I simply listened.

Then I left it alone and never bothered again. Until recently. SoV uses Vent quite a bit, and every now and then I sign on and lurk in the channel. Just like with Epic, I rarely say anything in LS chat. You wouldn't peg me for the silent type, especially since I ramble on forever on this blog and while at work.

Moving on. Last night, for whatever reason, I decided to hang out in the SoV channel while most of them went on to do other things. The more that I just sat there and listened to them talk about non-game topics, the more...personal things became. I don't mean personal as far as conversational content, but the overall feeling while I was there. It was relaxing to say the least. I didn't feel odd like I normally do. I still never said anything, but in my room, I was laughing and smiling along with the rest of them.

Well, surprisingly enough, Epic turned on their vent channel tonight as well. So, since I had a good time in SoV's channel, why not try this one? Besides, I've "known" Epic longer, so it should be a fairly simple ordeal. It was as if I never knew them before. This was a great thing, because any impressions that I may have had before were completely cleared. Really, it felt pretty awesome. I was more inclined to chat in the LS, and even made a few jokes. Of course, one joke was about Jesus and chain letters while we were doing an SCNM fight. I guess the NM didn't like the joke, and I found myself on the ground. Quadav take religion seriously, it seems.

Right now, I'm listening to same streaming game music over vent with the LS. It's fairly understood amongst us gamers that we have some similarities. Yet, when you are able to move beyond the keyboard and actually hear the person you spend so many gaming hours with, it's amazing at just how similar we really are.

I might even buy a microphone.


We did the Buried God SCNM tonight, and let's all say HELL YEAH! I got my groovy ranger hat! No sense repeating a post already made, so click that link for the details on EP's blog. Damn, it is the ugliest piece of gear besides the goliard saio. Still, I'm damn glad I got it. Improving my jobs, one piece at a time. ^_^