May 25, 2010

Realigning the Focus

I've been doing some thinking, yet again.

Remember awhile back when I was talking about being typecast in particular roles and losing the enjoyment of said role as time goes on? I still believe in that thought process, but with a few exceptions. I've also come to realize that while it may be annoying as hell, my hesitation to change a few things isn't doing any good either.

I find that I get bored with jobs rather quickly. Well, bored is a strong word. I enjoy every job I've leveled or I wouldn't have done it. Even White Mage. It's more a matter of frustration when I start to feel that I am not as useful in a particular role. To counter that feeling, I level something different. I don't remember what jobs I had at the time when I first brought this up, but I know it wasn't many. I think I had just recently leveled Paladin. Well, a lot has changed since then.

Currently, I have twelve jobs at 75. At first glance, you'd think that's a great thing right? That's what I initially thought, but not so much now. The reason being is that a job doesn't become immediately useful once you reach the level cap. I knew this from the start, but I always thought that if nothing else, I'd be able to help out in some way. Even if just a small amount.

The problem was that when I leveled a job, I wanted to use it. I was in the mindset of leveling to meet an immediate need without taking into consideration the things required for that job to be truly helpful. You know, have the job available and when you know you're going to be using it, then you work on really bringing out the full potential. I see that now as backwards thinking. Regardless, I now have several classes that are dire need of gear upgrades and merits.

I don't know about you, but twelve jobs has been a very costly thing for me, both in time and gil. While many of them can share gear to an extent, once you really involved with any particular job, there are several pieces that just don't work as well as multi-use items. So what do I do about it? After a lot of thinking and hesitation, I figure the best thing to do is follow Cal's advice and just focus on a few jobs and leave the rest as "toy classes." Now it's a matter of deciding which classes to turn my attention to.

Out of all my available classes, I find myself primarily on 3 for any given endgame event. Samurai, Red Mage, and Paladin. In truth, out of those 3, I'm more of an RDM than anything else. I could go the super extreme route of retiring everything except RDM, but that wouldn't be a wise move at all.

I think the next step will be to sell off my non-ex gear for the other jobs so I'll have both gil to buy better gear and the space to store it. I admit that I don't really want to do this, but my original plan of being helpful doesn't really seem to be helping at all. Maybe this will make things a bit easier. Not to mention, it's a lot less stressful to only worry about 3 jobs as opposed to 12.


Dizzmal said...

While I do feel your pain of multiple jobs and keeping them gear, I don't have as many jobs as you(5). I would reccomend focusing on a few, but keeping the different types of jobs active so your still versatile. Ie keep your Tank,Support, main Melee DD, and you Main Magic DD, geared and just upgrade others as you come to it.

Evilpaul said...

I didn't realize you had all those jobs at 75. O.o;

I wouldn't sell off stuff. Aside from something like a DRG-only Polearm gear does overlap pretty heavily. Plus with the update around the corner the job you decommission could end up getting some major boost.

Also, come kill Odin with me! I want to get one of those newfangled Elemental+Dark Torque thingies. Epic wants to kill him again for one as well.

Jacinda said...


That's also an option, and probably one I should consider before completely wiping my inventory. Some of the jobs are simply never used. Not for endgame, at least. More of a "by request" from friends for NM fighting or missions.


Yeah, I'm fairly quiet when it comes to my leveling. The only place I really talk about leveling jobs is here, but I did miss a few updates with jobs such as Bard and all. No "Ding 46!" from me. xD

As for the gear overlap; that's a tough one. Sure, things like an Osode carry over fairly well, but when you start at looking at item sets for every single job...that's just more inventory space that I can muster. I suppose I could always buy a second account.

Oh, and Odin. Let me know. I'd need to grab another talisman but I'm always up for issuing a divine beatdown on Odin.

Evilpaul said...

If you're still trying to get that Pixie NM's drop, I'd suggest asking the guys selling this thing:
You might be able to team up w/ them on the NM or they might sell you the drop.