December 3, 2009

Fun Stuff

It's not late enough in the week for a "Week in Review" post, but I don't feel like waiting until tomorrow because I will more than likely forget to post this. So, let's call this the "nearly end of the week in review".

A Moogle Clusterf....

No, I still haven't started this expansion. I get the thought to and then check wiki, only to see how much running around there is and then I go to Cape Terrigan. I really have no interest in this. Maybe if I find some others who haven't done it, I'll go along with them. By myself though...hell with that.

Anyway, Domie (^_^) asked if I was able to lend a hand to help her out. Sure, why not. A quick trip to the Shadow Lord's place is always fun. The rest of the group was actually doing the expansion, so they had some type of minigame quest to do before coming out. I decided to get some juice and take a nap while I waited.

Then it was strategy time. Apparently, this NM doesn't actually melee you. No, it throws bombs that have a lovely knockback effect. Let me rephrase that. It doesn't throw freakin' spams them. By the time you recover from the 1st knockback, you're being thrown around again by another bomb. After you get its health down, it runs away and spawns 5 BLM Moogles while it gets cured to full health by some WHMs in the background. Needless to say, this fight can suck if things get out of hand.

The good thing is that it takes massive damage from any attack. This is great for e-peen, but when you stop and think about it, the numbers are for show only. Otherwise, a person could solo this. Anyway, long story short is that we didn't win. Lack of communication and unfortunate delays mid-battle ended up making the fight less than ideal. We tried a few more times, but they eventually decided to leave it alone and come back another day.

You dropped the bomb on me, baby! (Probably too young to know that song.)

Fellow Bonding!!

At long last, Karyn is level 70!! /cheer! That doesn't mean much of anything to anybody but me, but whatever.

While she is normally either less than smart or lackluster in fights, once she hit 70, I guess she had something to prove to me. While out in the lovely Cape, suddenly she started using useful weaponskills. Normally, I get excited when I see Tachi: Yukikaze cause then I make a nice chain, and I really get happy to see Tachi: Gekko from her.

Oh but this time, she was fighting those bunnies with a vengeance. On several occasions, I noticed she would break out Tachi: Kasha. I'm so proud of my little Karyn. She's grown so much. *sniffle* Now if I could just get her to stop wasting tp with Tachi: Kagero.

Speed Belt!

Haha, I wish. I did do the run though. Bhin asked if I was free to lend a hand, and it's been awhile since I had some fun in that fight. So off to Jeuno to grab an orb and off I go. This time, I got to go as a Corsair. Yargh!! It was pretty late at night for me, but I stayed for a few fun runs.

I didn't see any of the really big items from the runs I attended. I gave up my shot of going because on the off chance that I got something awesome, I didn't want to just lot and leave. So I'm sure this orb will sit next to my Moon orb that's been gathering dust for several months. Oh well, they can keep each other company.

Of course, it's not a real run unless someone does something stupid. Right at the start of our third run (I think) we got too close to the circle when our PLD went to aggro. We got hit with the Dragon Halitosis and the funk was too strong for us.

We recovered, but in the end we had to give it up. Really sucks to lose 99 Kindred Seals like that. On a related note, they weren't my seals. Still, it sucks.

All in all, I had fun for the times that we did this fight. Hopefully it won't be several months before I get to do this again. Especially now that I solo in the Cape so much. Getting seals isn't such a difficult thing. Oh, in case you're wondering about the picture shifting, I'm currently bored and feel like trying something else out. I'm sure I'll go back to the way it was before. Deal with it for now. It won't hurt to try something new.

Sky Farming!

Seriously, I don't like Sky right now. As I mentioned before, I'm working towards getting Samurai to a respectable state in terms of gear and merits. I've been looking for an LS to help me get my kitty pants, and after being turned down by a few for not having 5 million gil on hand, I found a shell that was willing to help me out.

I ran to Rolanmart and checked every bazaar I could find, hoping to score a nice deal on the Byakko's pop items. No such luck, which was fairly surprising. Then again, now that I want something, of course the mart won't have it.

So let the farming begin. Despot really isn't much of a challenge to get to and fight, so it makes sense to go after Ullikummi to get that Autumnstone. Either that or pay 600k - 1 million if someone actually had the stone to sell. Davik, Yoko, and myself headed out on a mission.

Four hours and a merit or two later...we finally get encumbered with Mythril ore and Light crystal stacks. Not a single diorite to pop Ulli. Meanwhile, an RDM and THF duo managed to farm the pop item and get the kill. Jaci wasn't happy.

I eventually had to go to work, and when I came home I still couldn't find an Autumnstone. So hopefully I'll have better luck next time and get those pants.

Other than that, I did do an ISNM. I didn't get anything of mention other than the Chocobo Egg, which I still believe is proof that dragons and chocobos are related.

Now I'll leave you with some random shots and then sign on. Time for more Fields of Valor, weeee!

Bhin said it would be fun to come out and campaign. Looks really fun, no?

Domie!! ^_^

Even the pimp hat doesn't change how ugly that coat is.