December 30, 2009

Is it really necessary?

You know what pisses me off more in this game than anything else? Not the long ass spawn times of NMs or the stupidity of some quest lines. Not even Cid's extra big and bright white teeth bother me as much as this one thing that happens constantly in-game.


Yes. The Check feature. I'm sure you all get it, or might be the ones checking. Cut that shit out!! Any half-second glance and you can figure out my approximate level. It's easy enough to see. You can even tell what gear I'm wearing. Sure, you can't see that I'm wearing a Raja's Ring or Brutal Earring, but so what. You know what the items are; does it really matter if I have it or not?

I can just feel the virtual eyes of people scanning me from head to toe, and that bugs the hell out of me. Could you imagine if you got a notification in reality? You're just out on the town, minding your business, and suddenly you get a text message:

**Jason is eye-fucking you.**

If we had a real /bitchslap emote, I'd macro spam that all over Whitegate.