December 10, 2009

One of those days

I decided to take a break from the sandbox and try a different locale for awhile. Since my Samurai merits are more or less done and kitty pants are on hold, I figured I'd go for what I thought was a less frustrating piece of gear to obtain. Yes, laugh now. I didn't realize the reality until later on.

I am currently on day #4 of severing Gigas testes with my Tomoe in order to get the damned pop item for this stupid NM. I've got lucky after a few hours and have spawned Alkyoneus twice in 4 days. I can hear Davik laughing at me now for not having THF leveled. Bite me Davik.

Castration, {You can have this}

Of course, during both fights, I happened upon a THF in the area who agreed to help me improve my chances. No help with the bracelet, but I now have enough socks to craft a quilt big enough to cover Qufim Island.

I've also seen a few people wipe to Pallas on the level below me. While I do admit that the thought of dropping down and claiming have crossed my mind, that would be pretty damned rude and I'd wind up being the same type of jackass that I despise. If only I were evil.

It would have been so easy too.

I ran into a buddy of mine and his party while farming out there and we decided to try out Autarch for some fun. He whipped our ass.

We regrouped and gave it another shot. We were NIN, THF, MNK, and SAM the first go round, but then we switched MNK and SAM to WAR and RNG while grabbing an RDM friend to see if he could dispel those shock spikes. No luck on the dispel, but we killed the NM fairly easily on round 2. No drop, but anyone surprised?

So, it's back to the tower for another day of farming a super low drop rate item for a piece of gear that I will only use during weaponskills. Why do I do this to myself?


Evilpaul said...

We should get a 6 man Byakko run together. :-D

Jacinda said...

If it can be done, I'm all for it.

Alan said...

i got a moldy buckler after spending 30 minutes there i think imma try to solo it on my thf XD


Evilpaul said...

Pallas was pretty easy to solo as NIN/DNC pre-Yonin. I never got any Alky pop items when I tried there. Treasure Hound this week from the Kupo powers thing might help if you're trying again.

Jacinda said...

That's true. I hadn't thought about the Treasure Hound being active. I went up there for a short while with Lisamarie, but we didn't get any shields either.

4 pop items for Pallas though, and he was just as cheap.