December 2, 2009


Who among you likes the RMT? Give a / if you do.

I didn't think so.

However, I think that the RMT tele-bots are a necessary evil. Either that or we just need to stop being so lazy. Here's a comparison: taxi-drivers in New York. Everybody bitches about the "Arabs" taking the jobs and all that. We complain and complain that it's taking away from the people here who want to work but can't because the jobs are gone.

Now apply that to the Tele-bots of Vana'diel. Yeah, it's not exactly the same but I'm sure you get my point. So many people yell and scream about the RMT tele-bot and how we shouldn't use them because we are just supplying them with money to sell on their sites and messing up the game for everyone else. Or that other "honest" people are trying to make money and the tele-bots are getting in the way of that.

Well it seems that the mass of "honest" people got their wish. You'll be hard-pressed to find a tele-bot anywhere on Hades anymore. Used to be that you could shout and you'd have an invite in .2 seconds. The interesting part about this is not only will you have a hard time finding a tele-bot, but you can't find a tele-anything now.

What happened to all the honest, hard-working people who wanted to tele-taxi before? The competition is gone, so where are you now?

You guessed it. They're gone too. Or now that there isn't any competition, there's nothing to motivate people. See, you no longer have to sit in Whitegate or Jeuno with your hand on the keyboard, ready to fill in the rest of the /pcmd add command in order to beat the RMT. Now you can take your time. No more /sea Jac and hope that it pulls up my name first so you can invite me quickly. Now you can be lazy and use /sea and casually scroll down to find me and invite when you get ready.

As a matter of fact, it's at the point now where people are paying ridiculous amounts of money just for a simple teleport because no one actually wants to teleport you anymore. Not long ago, I was in Whitegate waiting to do a Nyzul 60 run to snatch a pair of Askar Manopolas. Of course, we were in the "Shout for Members" process so I still had about 30 minutes of waiting. Meanwhile, someone was shouting for a Tele-Vahzl. I think it was around 2k. I go in my Mog House, change jobs and get all my gear ready. Then I come out and afk for a bit to get some juice and pie. After returning, one of the members leaves (/shocked!) and shortly after the leader decides to disband. Now I'm wondering what the hell to do and I go to the Auction House to check on my sales.

This entire time, that person is still shouting. The price has slowly gone from 2k to 10k now. Yeah, 10k for a teleport to Xarcabard. I was in awe that no one was jumping on this. Finally, I sent a tell saying I'd take them, but not at that price. No sense paying such a price just to get a tele.

Now you might wonder why a person would pay 10k just to go out there. Had to be an NM or something that they didn't want other people to get to first, right? It only makes sense.

Yeah, you see it correctly. She wanted to solo some skeletons for exp.

Next time someone decides to bitch about the RMT, I hope they're ready to put in the same amount of effort that they did while they were here.


salute77 said...

"hells yeah, skeleton exp!"--this just seems wrong.

Jacinda said...

Maybe she was going for that Timeworn Warrior NM, but I doubt a 59 PLD is going to beat a 58 Skeleton NM.

Matheus said...

That's true. I miss Gispyjirl. Remember him?

Nowadays I shout for a while, and if I don't get a tele/retrace I stay in front of moghouse stalking any whm or blm that exits it. I send them a tell asking and they usually tele me for free.

Of course being a Mithra helps in those cases, I won't lie ^.~

Matheus said...

And btw, I really don't blame RMT. They're just doing their jobs imo.

I blame ppl that buy gil. If they didn't exist, RMT wouln't aswell. One is consequence of the other.

So before I burn a RMT at the stake I would rather burn a Gil Buyer.

Jacinda said...

Exactly. I'm still wondering where the "honest" people who wanted to make all the money the RMT took from them.

I guess maybe they didn't really want to make money. It was just whenever they got a wild hair in their ass to make a few gil, the RMT were already on top of things.

Evilpaul said...

Nobody does Assaults with you when you're evil! ; ;