October 15, 2010

Abyssea Comparison

I notice that I compare things often. Doesn't matter what I'm doing or thinking about, I find a way to compare it to something else in order to relate to it better. After numerous parties in Abyssea, I found the perfect comparison to it:

Remember Bubblicious? Damn that was good gum. Anyway, a new party is has a lot of vigor and determination but needs to get the rhythm established, just like that gum is flavorful even though it's a little hard to chew at first. After awhile in the party, things start to pickup. Chests drop more frequently and the rewards are better. This is the great time in the party. You're getting that amazing exp and chests are all over the place. Everyone is happy and you've got enough time extensions to make up for the initial investment when you arrived. The gum has softened up, and now that flavor is just everywhere.

Eventually, someone has to go. If this doesn't happen in waves, which it normally does, your party can continue without a noticeable interruption. Your gum is still going strong, and life is good. Time goes on and the flavor starts to wane a bit. People are getting tired or have events to go to. Now you have a choice, discard the gum that still has some potential, or add a bit of sugar to keep the flavor going. Adding sugar to gum does the same thing adding new people to lengthy party does: enhances the flavor with the added risk of ruining the gum.

You have to add sugar sparingly. If you add just a bit from time to time, then the gum will last for good while. Dump a tablespoon of sugar in your mouth, and you can kiss that gum (as well as your teeth) goodbye. Same with adding people in parties. Replace one or two at time while you get their lights built up, and the party can last for what seems like forever. When you reach that point where you're replacing entire parties at once, you stand to lose more than you can gain.

The more I party in Abyssea, the more often I realize that there are times when I really just need to make my own party instead of hoping that someone's established party will have a better turnout. Or in gum terms, I should buy my own damn gum instead of chewing the gum of someone else and hoping the flavor will last.

That really sounded bad. Yuck.


CidBahamut said...

That was perhaps the most bizarre and interesting analysis of party mechanics I have ever read.

Jacinda said...

I do admit that I can be slightly...odd at times.

Breathem said...

verry interseting way of puting it your a pure genous i tell ya

Kiori said...

i want gum...and i loved your comparison...such a good gum :)