October 1, 2010

Maybe I was wrong

In a recent post, I talked about some of the changes brought about by level sync / Abyssea and the mass shift of opinion from what was then considered "wrong" to now being generally acceptable.

I also said that I don't think they are what is destroying this game. Maybe that's not quite so accurate. Eldephia mentioned earlier that maybe this is Vana'diel's last hurrah (in one of my comments). If so, then it's very possible that Abyssea really is destroying this game. Not to use destroy in the sense of tearing it apart and completely ruining FFXI, but to say that after Abyssea, there won't be anything left that has meaning.

If you think about it, that's exactly what's happening. With most of the prior content, the one thing that kept it from being completely outdated was that even if you got things from the latest expansion, you could still go back to the former content and get something worthwhile. That's not the case now.

Nothing tops the best Abyssean gear. Absolutely nothing. There are forums overflowing with math equations showing how Abyssean items trump everything else out there. If they don't completely make something worthless now, December is right around the corner. Unless SE breathes new life into the items that existed pre-Abyssea, then there is no point at all in that content. The old stuff is still sitting at level 75 and, in just 10 levels, most everything has been deemed worthless or just idle gear now. Because of this, what reason do people have for doing anything other than Abyssea?

Not much from what I can see. The old events are fading out, and that's causing a lot of frustration for people. Some people's whole reason for being was to enjoy these events with other people. As I read the blogs of others, I can see that they are starting to wonder "what's the point" as well. Some people argue that Abyssea can be fun. It can be until you actually want something out of there. Odd as that sounds, I see it more and more. As you want to get things from the zone, the less enjoyment you have while trying to acquire it. You all know how it works; you're against the clock constantly. Sure, you can explore and go have fun if you want to waste your stones, but who really wants to do that?

It just seems that as more time goes on, maybe Abyssea won't be the event that delivers FFXI into a bright new future, but more the event that finally lays Vana'diel to rest. I guess we'll all find out soon enough.


Breathem said...

i do think abyssa is "the beginning of the end" FF11 will not die any time soon but with than the next 4-5years i really dont look for this game to around..i dont think they are going to add much of anything after the abyssa and i do see all of the lvl 75 gear that at one point it time being the best ever going to nothing but a thing in the past..ill be here till the last days of the game but it makes me a little sad to see the game i grow to love so much go down hill till thirs nothing what so ever left

CidBahamut said...

I honestly feel like it's far too late in FFXI's lifecycle to be ramping the level cap up. Throwing out so many years of content so quickly strikes me as a very poor decision. Before, you could participate in a variety of events and all of them would be relevant in some capacity or another.

Now there's rehashed maps with time limits. TIME LIMITS!
Fuck that, fuck it with a rusty wooden spoon.

*goes back to fishing and ignoring Genkai quests*

Seisoku said...

Wood can rust? :o

Anyway Im with Cid on this one, I pulled the plug 3 weeks ago Jaci. I'm casually playing Aion on the Elyos side and loving it, up until FFXIV releases on PS3, then I jump to that. To me it wasnt just about making AF3 feel like they're whipping you in the back without calling it kinky, It's the fact that no matter what Id accomplish from this point on means abso fucking lutely nothing to me, I could max out a Relic or an Empyrean and I'd have zero, absolutely zero enthusiasm to showcase it with my skills.

XI has run it's course for me, Sadly It's time to move on.