October 16, 2010

It's not their fault.

I told you I wasn't happy today. No Abyssea, no stones, and not a hell of a lot that I was really motivated to do. That's how my online day was looking. With the exception of one thing later in the evening: Dynamis - Xarcabard.

That was the only thing I looked forward to the entire day. I did things around the house as I sat online, and headed to zone roughly an hour early. Of course, I took a nap when I got there but that really doesn't matter. So 6pm EST arrives. Time to get ready and kick some ass with the hopes of finding an Etoile Casaque for Dancer so I could be extra freaking sexy. So tired of wearing a damn Scorpion / Raparee Harness all the time. I was sitting across from the trail markings and waiting patiently. A few others were there and even more began to trickle in. Things are looking good.

Of course...something had to happen. It just can't ever be easy.

Another LS shows up. Vana'diel's Finest. An odd name considering their history, but we won't delve into that right now. There is one bit of history to take into consideration, yet it's not directly related to them. Remember that server merge from awhile back? Well, it's been the source of a considerable amount of drama between Cerberus and Hades. The lovely Dynamis Calendar. The subject is old and beaten, but never dead. Hades was very attached to that calendar for the most part, but Cerberus never bothered or seemed to care about it. Now that we have become a part of Cerberus, we're still used to the calendar and try to respect those who decide to follow it.

As I'm sure you can guess, VF is not one of those shells that chose to follow it. So let's jump back to the present. They show up, and we make note of it. Cerberus linkshells are notorious for "zone-jacking," as they call it. Doesn't matter if you see a shell gathering at the markings. If they aren't inside and you're ready to go, then they lose. Calendar reservations and polite requests be damned. You move it or lose it. I think that's a pretty shitty and disrespectful approach, but that is the reality the people here choose to abide by.

Naturally, we lost the zone. The single event that I was looking forward to was gone, and I was pissed. We didn't have everyone ready, and we knew what that shell was going to do. Now, what upset me more than anything wasn't the fact that we lost the zone. It's why we lost it. It wasn't VF's fault; it was ours. This wasn't an event borne out of a spontaneous decision. We knew about this since the beginning of the month. It's on our website. Yet when the time came, we weren't ready. It wasn't some bullshit zone like Dynamis - Bastok, it was Xarcabard. People want gear from that place. You can skip out on damn near every other zone, but Iceland gear is nothing to scoff at. Dynamis Lord is in Xarcabard, relic fragments are there, NMs that can drop crazy money are there, and some of the most desirable AF2 is there. Yeah, yeah, AF3 and all that. Whatever, AF3 is a goddamn nightmare right now.

So what can we do for next time? How can we prepare better? For starters, maybe log out near the markings? Save yourself some headache trying to rush out to the place so we can enter. Just take a few minutes before you leave the night before or whenever, and log out by the markings. Oh, but what about the job you'll use? What if they want you to come as something different? Again, think about it. Every one of us pretty much has one or two jobs that we go as during Dynamis events. So gear up as one, and have the other gearset handy if you have to change. If you get called upon to go switch, use the Field Manual by the markings, and swap your stuff out.

One of the problems we encountered was that we didn't have a particular job when it was time to enter. In all honesty, and this may not be the right thing to say, but that's just too bad. Adapt. Maybe I'm making this all too simple in my head, but just because we're missing a job at that exact moment doesn't mean that we should screw ourselves out of a 4 hour event. We've got to be able to adapt to whatever circumstances we're faced with. We are just shit out of luck otherwise.

These other people will not wait for us to put our pants on and get all dolled up for entry. They don't give a damn if they see us standing right on top of the trail markings. Was their entire LS standing there when they went in? It didn't look like it, but they went with what they had. That's what we've got to do. Jump in and get shit done. The rest of our group will catch up. If they don't catch up, then that's unfortunate for them (myself included).

Now it sounds like I'm blaming my LS for what happened. It was our fault for what happened, so in a sense, that's true. Though I do not fault any single individual. Sure, VF pulled a shitty move, but that shouldn't come as a surprise considering where we are now. They've done it to us multiple times, and they'll keep doing it. Still, my point in all of this is that I think we need a reality check. As of this moment, our only safeguard or method of preparation is basically hoping that another group can't get their shit together before we do. If that's the case, then we might as well fill our schedule with Dynamis - San D'Oria runs, because we will lose the other zones...every. single. time.


Breathem said...

as bad as i hate to say it but i think we just need to not worry about the dam calendar as it seems too just bite us in the ass all the time..i hate to be like that for the LSes that follow us but we do have to think about our LS at this point as 80% of this server seems to do so now days..if we want to do ice lands than people better get it togather real fast as to be on time..for the most part everyone by now should know what job they are needed as if they would think about it..most people come to every run as the same ol jobs so that part should not be hard to figure out on thir part..if we dont have a job we need at this lvl it should not be hard at all to adapt too but thats just my opinon im just a lolwar

Jacinda said...

I wouldn't say that we should abandon the calendar because then we become exactly like every other LS that just takes whatever zone they please. I wouldn't want to see our LS fall to that level.

What I *do* want to see; however, is more adherence to the scheduled times. If we mark a time down in that calendar, then that's when we go in. No waiting, no stalling, just go. It's hard to be taken serious with that calendar if a time is scheduled, but don't enter until an hour later.

Of course, there are some who simply can't make it at that time, and it's ok. We'll have the zone when they do arrive and they can come on in. If it gets to the point where we constantly have only a handful of people at the scheduled time, then we should look into rescheduling our event.

The sad fact of all this is that Hades is dead. No matter how much we whine, bitch, shout, or plead, we can't go back. While the calendar might not be dead, the notion of hoping that another shell will patiently sit and wait while we gather ourselves is very dead indeed. So we adapt or stay stuck in this situation.

Evilpaul said...

Is your LS accepting people at the moment? I don't really want much from Dynamis really, but having an event to do would be nice. All this post-75 stuff I've worked on seems to be for naught otherwise really. I've done lots of stupid Magian shit and I want to use it on something. :-/

Jacinda said...

As far as I know EP, yes they are. I've seen a couple of applications within the past few weeks, which leads me to believe that they're still open to bringing in more people.

Tidis said...

Yes we'll still be accepting people, do dynamis for a bit of fun and if you don't need gear, payouts is always nice...maybe you could convince Jacinda to talk to us as well :D if you're still interested.

(Sorry to turn your blog into a recruitment drive)

Jacinda said...

No worries about the recruitment. I wasn't sure about posting that without one of you saying anything first. Now with that out of the way, get EP in!!! ^_^

Breathem said...

geting EP in will be the easy part =P

Tidis said...

Minor mistake... ^^;