June 3, 2009

Nyzul Isle - Final Stretch!!


Well we did another climbing run earlier in the week, and managed 2/2 successful climbs. That put us on floor 90! Hell yeah, the end of this blasted maze is at hand. However, it gets even better. I had just signed on and happened to catch sight of a pickup shout for 91-95 that was 5/6 and needed an RDM. Since we only did 2 runs last time, I had an extra tag. Yeah, didn't take me long to get changed and meet them for the attempt.

Usually, pick up groups blow massive chunks of failure, but this one worked out great. The group wasn't the normal setup that I was used to for these runs, but I figured I'd try it anyway. Since we had a SCH, I was asked to come RDM/BLM instead of /WHM. I thought we were going to end up failing when our scholar was killed on the second floor and people started rushing around, but we regrouped, kept our cool, and moved forward. Luck was on our side for the lamp floor too. You could tell that people got nervous when the objective said "lamps". Ha, one of them even started praying for the lamp to be a code lamp. Oddly enough, that's exactly what it turned out to be. On my way to the lamp, sneak wore early and I got aggro from from an Archaic Gear, and ended up with 3 enemies chasing me. Like I said, luck was on our side. Blink and Stoneskin performed their jobs and I managed to get a fully unresisted Sleepga off. Whoever says RDM/BLM isn't useful can go die somewhere.

So now, I'm on floor 96 and just got a new tag. Do I wait until next Monday or take a chance with another pickup group...decisions, decisions.

Oh yeah, we did Dynamis-Beaucedine earlier and I managed to score a Cleric's Briault and an Argute Gown. Granted, SCH is 23, but now I have more motivation to level it. Since I have the Cleric body, I can finally sell that Noble's Tunic and get some of my money back from buying those damned Nin tools.