June 22, 2009

A Day of Achievments

This week was full of fun stuff. More SNMs in La Vaule [S] to finish off a set for the SCNM which we will probably do this weekend. I got a few more assaults done and I'm slowly building up a little collection for those Salvage runs. I guess the next thing to do is to start learning how to farm effectively so I can have 80 billion gil for a Morrigan's Robe. (slight exaggeration, or is it? o.o)

This guy is severly challenged when it comes to directions. So glad I had RR3. >.>

Swift Belt!

No, I didn't get one. Damn it all. I was the first one to get max hate, so we popped Balor and the fight went fairly well. Of course, our PLD died after EES, but it was pretty much expected. Poor guy never used Sentinel or Defender. Maybe he'll remember that on the next run. I found another group and helped them out for awhile. Now I have another codex and max hate again. Let's hope my next run is more rewarding.

Campaign, Camp-pain...

You know, I enjoy Campaign Battle. Truly. I get to go whenever I want, whip some chickenheads, and go back to Mog House when I'm finished. On top of that, you get exp. It's awesome. The only thing I dislike is the extreme lag. I find myself getting annoyed when NPCs show up now. Granted, they are the only ones who stand a chance of beating cheap bosses like Moo Ouzi the Swiftblade and his 1k+ sweep spam, or have mercy if you get caught up in Vee Qiqa the Decreer's 5-elemental -ga spam deathtrap. Still, it's plenty of fun, and you get to see all sorts of NPCs and other things that you don't normally see anywhere else. Such as this little gem:

Bugs fight for freedom too!!

Nyzul Isle

So yeah, found another pickup group to get a headpiece from Nyzul. This gets more annoying for every attempt. No matter how awesome we do on the earlier floors, we are *always* getting this freakin' Hydra. This fight should be so easy, but noooo. Let's listen to the guy who says to ignore the rampart and not use it for TP when we still have a good 10 minutes on the clock. No, let's just rush in and look like simpletons while we wait for Pyric Bulwark to wear off and then get two regular hits in instead of high damage weaponskills cause we don't have enough TP yet. Yeah, that's a guaranteed strategy.

A strategy of fail +1.

Note: This picture isn't from the fail fight. These people were actually smart about the battle.


I hit 75 Samurai yesterday, and I'm a happy camper now. ^_^ After that, I went to the tree with Davik to work on his H2H and my weaponskill points. We made short work of both, and now he's capped and I have completed my latest WS. Just have Garland of Bliss and Vidohunir to go.

Tachi: Rana = {mine}. Booyah

Other than that, I went out with a group to do Apocalypse Nigh and finally complete the Chains of Promathia saga. Took me long enough. Ran to Norg and picked up my Ethereal Earring for PLD and RDM. That was a fun fight, but far too short. I need to be faster with the screenshots though so I can post more stuff. /sigh

See you soon!


Krissykat said...

Wooohoo Rana. Salvage is pretty freaking awesome :) I was like 1/2 on Swift Belt, that crap is so annoying. It takes like 5 hours for people to get there and crap >_>

Jacinda said...

Yeah it sucks to get a run going for that. Then of course you have people with max hate and don't know how to pop the NM, or the ones who say they have everything ready and "forget" to mention that they don't have a codex when we arrive at the NM room. The joy of pickup groups. >.>