June 17, 2009


Yeah I'm late with the posting. Sorry, new work schedule is throwing me off. Anyway, time for an update!


Two Sorcerer Petasos' dropped, but I'm not a BLM main and have to wait another one before I lot. Ah well. Of course, we had to wipe during the run. It's not fun otherwise. I'm just glad the enemies don't get to take our AF when we drop. >.<

We do this to you....

...and you do this to us. xD

Random picture:

I was bored and it was there. No Biast though. Bastards!

Tier III Einherjar!

This makes our second attempt at a Tier 3 run. We had roughly one minute left to fight the boss, so we ran out of time. We did knock off about 30% of it's health in that time, so we were more than capable of winning. Just have to rework our methods to make the wave fights shorter.


Last time we did The Buried God, things were really messy. Granted; we won, but the fight just wasn't pretty or efficient. This time, we /pwned it. Ameyna came as PLD/NIN though, and Brimstonne gave her the famous " -.- " look he's known for when holding hate became a slight issue. We ended up getting another earring and some Stone Mufflers. I was going to lot, but decided to hold out for Failnaught instead. I want that damn bow!!

Hi there, I've come back to kick your ass!

Ass-kicking mission accomplished.


Some of us in the shell decided to do a couple of Assault runs to help Keffka get his rank points up and also get enough points for us to start doing regular Salvage runs. I have to admit that I'm excited since I've never done any Salvage. I think this is all going to be pretty fun once we get started.

I've also been doing campaigns again both to level SAM and to make sure I have enough Allied Notes for ANNM and the new body pieces coming out in the next update. I'm thinking they will be around 150k notes, but I'm going to build up around 300k just to be safe. Campaign is fun, but damn I die a lot.

See you in-game!


Krissykat said...

Ugh, we tried to do a lowman Xarc the other night with like 3 BLM. Let's just say it didn't work out too well. -.-