June 12, 2009

Just a few things

The past couple of days have had a few accomplishments. As you know, my Great Katana skill was a bit behind due to the lovely Level Sync and my last attempt ended up with me in the water while the crabs did the /dance over my body. Well guess, what? I went back for more. >.>

However, this time was different. I never thought I'd see the day, but Evilpaul helped me out. We teamed up and went to town. Finally getting my skill capped, I started my weaponskill quest. It went surprisingly fast to be honest. I see why people are jealous of a SAM's skillchain potential. Later that night, Davik and I issued the beat down on my WSNM, and I am now a proud owner of Tachi: Kasha. ^^

He's still evil, but he has his less-evil moments.

In other news, the LS went to Beadeux [S] for a shot at the actual SCNM fight. It was actually pretty fun, althought a bit messy. We had a lot of deaths, especially due to that huge AoE petrify attack the NM seems to spam. I imagine we'll be going back to do another run soon. I'll be ready this time.

I had to snatch this photo from EP's blog cause mine came out extra crappy. D:

I finally got my Dynamis-Buburimu clear too. Luckily, I was 1/1 on that. I was going to tank, but then one of our other Paladins showed up and I switched to RDM. Regardless, I have the clear, and I'm happy. Oh yeah, I got the Summoner's Bracers -1 while out there. Was going to lot on some RNG legs, but I was dead and we ran out of time. Damn it all. So all that's left is Qufim island and I can go to Dynamis-Tavnazia!!

I just flat out didn't take any pictures of this run. Thanks again EP. ^^

To finish things off, we also did Divila's Asuran Fists WSNM. I'd post a picture, but the fight was over in about 10 seconds and I didn't have a chance. xD Take seven bored people to a WSNM and that's going to happen. Ah well.

That's about it. See you all later.


Evilpaul said...

Stealin' mah pictures!!!


Jacinda said...

Haha, at least I admitted to it. xD