June 5, 2009

Moving forward

It's been an interesting week, that's for certain. Got a few nifty items, and almost finished my subjob leveling for the moment. DNC and RNG are now sitting happily at 37 until I finish the dreaded NIN sub. I seriously just can't get into that job. I find myself falling asleep during each fight. I still plan to unlock and level DRK, but I'm emo enough as is. I can only imagine how I'll be when I get that job and die after every ws I do. /sigh

In other news, I had a falling out with my limbus shell. Lots of stuff has just been building up, and I finally hit my breaking point. It sucks because overall the shell is really fun. Also, some of the people in the limbus shell were ones I did Nyzul and Assault with. So, now we've gone our separate ways, and that's all there is to it. C'est la vie.

Take it easy guys, /goodbye

Drama aside, I got to have a bit of fun yesterday too. Since there wasn't any Assault to do, I took my Brave Blade from storage and went on a mission to Kuftal Tunnel. Thankfully, Davik loaned me his Kraken Club and we managed to get a lot of Darkness skillchains in faster. After a solid 2 hours of making skillchains, it was time for our ls event. Still no blasted Atonement. >.<

KC + Haste + Brutal Earring = Weaponskill Heaven

Once that was done, Divila needed a hand killing the Retribution WSNM. More ws points? {Yes, please}. So me, Divi, Epic, Davik, EB, and Yuna headed out to Ifrit's Cauldron and got started. We killed a bunch of stuff on the way, hoping to get that ws before the fight. No such luck. The fight was pretty short and we spammed Light every chance we got. Congrats to Divi on the new ws, and now the journey to Asuran Fists can begin. ^^

I feel like a midget standing next to Epic. Blasted Elvaans

Oh, just before leaving, we fought a couple of Ash Lizards for giggles and guess what?

So that's two down. Next up is Mystic Boon and when I finally hit 75 SAM, Tachi: Rana. ^^ By the way, is it me or does that look like a person's face near my foot? @.@