June 12, 2009

A Blissful Moment

The day's not even over yet, but this deserves a spot of its own. Today, I got to witness a rare event. Probably even more rare than finding 2 Duelist's Tabards in a single Dynamis-Beaucedine run. (Or even one, for that matter.) This event was a wedding.

The ceremony took place in East Sarutabaruta on an secluded part of the landscape only accessible via a GM teleport. We all took our places and sat quietly. The music shifted from the normal zone tune to the familiar Crystal Theme that we all know and love. As the priest delivered her speech about the Star Sybil, the rest of the crowd sat silent with our eyes fixated on her every word that appeared on our collective screens.

After she said her words, the two exchanged gifts attainable from two HNMs. Whether they actually had to fight them is up for debate, but it was the thought that counts. Further in, the two said their vows to each other. Yes, I have my sappy moments, and I couldn't help but write them down. So here they are:

Flo to Lenasan

On this vow, I pledge my life,
To walk fate’s path with my wife.
Yet even if my mind does fade,
And my powers come to naught.
A flame to warm you I’ll conjure;
Such love can ne’er be bought.

Lenasan to Flo:

On this vow, like a rock I stand,
To walk this path with my husband.
Even with my magic spent,
And my faithful sword broken.
My spirits of love are summoned true;
These words, they must be spoken.

Things like this are our little reminders. All the rare/ex gear we spend months chasing is far from meaningful or even real. However, the people we meet; friendships created; and the love we may find...that is very real indeed.

Congratulations and best wishes to Lenasan and Flo!! /cheer