June 9, 2009

Weaponskills and More

Well, I didn't do much over the weekend this time. Had stuff to do, people to see, and places to dream of going. Fun stuff, I assure you.

I went back to Kuftal Tunnel for more crab bashing now that Atonement is finished, and started working on Mystic Boon. I have to admit, Winja is pretty damned fun. Would have been more fun if my /nin job wasn't gimped at 31, but whatever. I'll get those last 6 levels one day. Competition for crabs was pretty fierce when I went last. A few monks were working on Asuran Fists, and then there were a few parties running around too. Still, I hung in there and got my boony goodness. Now for those last few levels of Samurai.

Speaking of SAM, I made 71 last week! w00t! Took a couple of failed campaign battles and a few minutes into a new party, but I did it. My GK skill is 246/250, so I took a trip to the Boyahda Tree to get capped and start my quest. I figure SAM/DNC would be enough to handle some crabs, and I got down to business. Yeah, didn't go so well.

Petrify + Firaga II spam; you gotta love it.

The irony of getting an evasion skill up on the hit that kills you makes me chuckle.

After that, I decided to go have some ENM fun with Epic and Davik. We went to the Spire of Vahzl and /pwned that ENM without a problem. Good exp but crappy rewards that time. Then we ran to Attowha Chasm for another shot at a Hagun. While I was there, I wanted to get some pictures of Corses with my FFXI version of the Camera Obscura (Fatal Frame, anyone?). As luck would have it, Corses are nocturnal, and managed to spot a few on the way to Boneyard Gully. They seem to be a real stickler for sleeping on time though, and the sun started rising just as soon as we saw them. So they vanished on us. Bastards. The ENM was fairly smooth too. Didn't get a Hagun, but we scored a Forager's Mantle and a Cloud Evoker. More points for us!!

On a final note, I happened to be standing in Whitegate at the Auction House when I kept seeing this group do shouts for AM44. I love the music in that fight, so I couldn't pass up a chance to do it again. I remembered how hard it was to get a group to do that with before, so I wanted to help them out just as someone helped me. Besides, you don't lose exp so it's not like it matters if you fail. The setup was *almost* flawless, but we had 2 SAMs instead of a SAM and MNK. After a couple of hard lessons, we managed a win on the third try. The group was insanely thankful, and I admit that it felt good to give someone else a hand.

I would have taken a better picture, but I know better than to stand too close to Alex.


Krissykat said...

Oh shiiiiii KC!
I feel like using my relic money to buy a Kraken Club but.. that'd be kind of dumb, I guess. ; ;

I did two floor 100s last week but of course they didn't put out lol..

Jacinda said...

Yes hon, that would be a bit silly. Take me with you on your 100 runs! I'm still on 96. D: