July 13, 2009

A bit of everything

Fun times in Vana'diel ^_^

Dynamis Windurst

I had hoped to get some SMN legs from here, but what I ended up getting was a nasty dent in my exp buffer. Just as we were fighting one of those Summoners, one of the avatars woke up and wasn't stunned in time. So yeah, one Astral Flow and we saw an entire alliance drop. Thankfully, the WHMs had reraise so we regrouped and got it together. Miliani got her scholar feet and is now 6/6. Congrats!

Dynamis BooBoo

After an LS vote, we ended up doing another run at Dynamis Buburimu. Personally, I wanted to knock out Qufim because we always seem to end up wiping at the Mega Boss and I need that blasted clear! One day, I suppose. Only notable drop was a scout's belt, but I was too low to lot. I need to level faster. :(

Welcome back Bhin!


I have always wanted to do one of these. Been sitting on umpteen kindred seals and have only used them to spam ODS from to time. So since we didn't have enough for Einherjar Tier III (surprise, surprise), we ended up grabbing our orbs from storage and headed out.

All in all, it was a fun run. Got a few decent money drops, a Wyrm Beard for Tenken's black belt, and the usual lot of junk. Hopefully we can go back soon, as I would love to get my hands on some of the more prized drops in this run. Oh yeah, someone needs to tell Jamarn to get a buffer...please.

Here you go Tenken, your 15 minutes of fame on my blog. :p

Still working on RNG, and finally made level 60. All I can say is Sidewinder is bloody awesome. Gets me in a lot of trouble though cause I let loose at 100TP a bit too often. So I keep getting the " -.- " look from paladins when I steal hate. What can I say? I have a new toy and want to play with it.

Random Stuff

Messing around with Dark Spark while doing my RNG af quests.

No need for Camouflage, I blend in perfectly as is!!

Poor thing was so scared that it climbed on the vegetation.

Now this one is kind of interesting. Normally, I'd just shrug this off as a positioning error and laugh it off. Which I did at first. However; at work today, a coworker was looking at ugly animal photos (don't ask) and he came across the coconut crab, also known as the Robber Crab. Sound familiar? I thought so too and I looked them up. Turns out the FFXI Robber Crab might very well be based off of this gigantic thing. What I found funny was this photo:

Turns out that Robber Crabs actually DO climb trees. Oh, and just in case you want to know how big these things *really* are:

Yeah, I wouldn't want to cross paths with one either.