July 2, 2009

Nyzul, HNM, and BOOM!

Nyzul 100!!

Evilpaul asked if anyone wanted to do some Nyzul. I was still trying to hit 100, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Things were going smoothly until floor 98, and then we hit a hiccup. I think we had a couple of members down or weakened, but we had no time to rest when we hit 100. If I remember right, we had about 3 minutes to drop our NM.

I have to admit that seeing all of these puddings made me hungry during our runs.

In all of my attempts with Hydra, every single one failed miserably. I was hesitant about this one too as well since we made it there with so little time. That damned Pyric Bulwark has messed me up constantly. We ran in and literally tore Hydra a new one. I was amazed at how smoothly the fight went under the circumstances. LS group > random pickup. Lesson learned.

Poor EP, but he redeemed himself at the Hydra fight with Hundred Fists while weakened. Go EP!

So finally, I can say that I have finished my long and arduous climb of that damned maze. Sadly, I can also say that I've already done the quests for the weapons that I really wanted to unlock, so having the runic key really doesn't do much for me. Maybe this will motivate me to unlock a Mythic weapon one day.

After that, we spammed floor 80 and got nothing worth mentioning. Well wait...Divi got a Mage's Staff. So now we both can be laughed at when we attempt to gain TP to use Vidohunir during an event. >.>

Random Shots

My identical, yet slightly taller twin. I think we both have the exact same jobs leveled too. >.<

We decided to show off our tans in Whitegate. Obviously, I don't tan so well.

Merit Blunders

There's a story behind every picture, and these two are no different. We were all alone in Bhaflau Thickets, having some fun and getting a few merits to pass the time. We had got into the rythym where paying attention 100% was no longer necessary as every action was pretty much automatic now.

Suddenly, Shenel just dropped dead. For a split second, I thought she was on the receiving end of a nasty Pecking Flurry and then we realized what happened. Somehow, she either mixed up macro buttons or lagged and use the wrong job ability. Either way, she blew herself up. I've seen a few goof-ups in merit parties, but I have never seen a person get so bored that they just blow up mid-chain. :p

No worries Shen, we still love you.

The Vinegar King

Seriously, I don't like HNMs. The fight is fine, but the claim method absolutely sucks. Standing around like a bunch of morons waiting either for some time window or specific weather which magically makes an NM appear is silly. You've got about .00000001 seconds to get the claim before any of the other competing LS's snag it away and make all those hours camping mean nothing. Then once you get it, you have to play a game of cat and mouse while you hope and pray that you are able to avoid its attacks long enough for the rest of your linkshell to arrive at the site and start fighting. It's just silliness.

However; like all true FFXI addicts, we camp it anyway.

All it takes is one mistake during a kite, and it's Game Over.

I was part of the kite team this time now that I have RDM/NIN. So after running a few laps around the spawn point with Vice and Miliani, the rest of the LS arrived and I was asked to change jobs again. Surprisingly, Brim had me come out there as a SAM. That made a very happy Jaci, cause slicing shit is greatness.

Me + Great Katana = Happiness

It took us no time at all to put this scorpion in its place. We actually killed it faster than one of our most well-geared LS's on the server. Yes I'm gloating a bit, and I like it. Might do it more often.

As for the drops, we got some awesome Earth Crystals. It's just what we were all hoping for, cause no one wants that silly Ace's Helm.

Party at Castle Oztroja [S]!

So we decided to go for another SCNM and try to get more awesome gear. This time, Tzee Zicu the Manifest was our target.

It only took a moment to realize how silly I was for chasing this NM around. Then I died.

It was our first time, so we figured we'd go in there and see what we could learn from the fight. I don't remember everything that happened because I ended up falling asleep mid-battle and found myself at my home point with a loss of exp. ( sorry >.< ) However; for the time that I was awake, I learned the following:

1. We were unprepared.
2. Baraero is your friend
3. Tzee Zicu's elementals hit damn hard.
4. I need more magic resistant gear
5. I should take naps before late-night events.

Still, it was a fun night. If only I were awake to remember it all.

See you in game!