July 20, 2009

Ranger stuffs and a bit of random

I am truly enjoying the DD side of the house now. Don't get me wrong; I'll always be a mage at heart, but the melee classes seem to have a bit more creative freedom during the fighting. Not simply spam a cure or only use four out of forty available elemental magic spells. The only problem is there so much gear to keep on hand for DD. I might end up doing those last two gobbie bag quests. Not looking forward to spending all that gil just for 10 spaces. @.@

As of the last update, I had just reached level 60 and was loving some Sidewinder spam. Guess what? I am still am. This job is an absolute blast. Between this and Samurai, I don't think I want to level anything else. Well, Scholar and Dancer, but they don't count. I just want the kinky outfit and frilly dress. >.>

If there is anything that gets me about this job, it's the ammo. 80k for a stack of Demon Arrows. I almost cried when I saw the price of Kabura Arrows. 120k+ per stack!! I'm going to level Woodworking ASAP. Just no way I'll be able to afford this job on a steady basis when I blow through ammo so quickly. Of course, if I learned to slow down my shots, it wouldn't be so bad. Really though, who wants to slow down when you can do such awesome damage! Maybe this is why I die so much as a BLM.

So I'm 64 now, and got myself a nifty little axe. It was all a matter of luck though. I was hanging out with Yoko and BFG (our nickname for Blackflame) when we noticed Aquarius was up. Since we were all in our 60's we left it alone. Later, another group showed up and proceeded to kill it. Surprisingly enough, they shouted in the zone and asked if anyone wanted the axe. Well hell yeah, so I sent a tell immediately and disbanded from my party. They let me freelot and I got the drop. w00t! So to Thyson and party, thank you so much. ^_^

Oh, speaking of getting nifty items, after helping Davik unlock his Destroyers, we took a trip to Gustav Tunnel to check on good old Wyvernpoacher. The camp wasn't crowded, save for a lone thief who appeared to be afk. I'm guessing he was, because when we finally got the NM to pop, he never moved. Domie came out as a winja to help out, while Davik and Max were MNK and THF.

Silly me warped out to get some of Domie's gear while I waited for the placeholder repop and the NM spawned the moment I zoned back into the tunnel. I saw HP dropping and I ran as fast as I could. Domie had the healing under control and I made it in time to get a nice Meditated Tachi: Gekko on him. I'm loving some Treasure Hunter, I'll tell you that. So far, each THF I've partied with hasn't let me down. Of course, now it won't work for the next year since I've said something.

Anway, 1/1 on O-Bow and I'm a happy camper. Not sure if I want to go for that Kriegs-something-or-other axe, but that's from a KS99. Not like I can just go camp that whenever I want.

Operation Pixie Freedom!

I'm sure many of you have found yourselves holding a bottled pixie at one time or another since visiting the past. Well, aside from building amity with the pixie race, a Square-Enix interview also mentions that rebuilding the population will have a nice little side effect: Pixies will appear in the present. I don't know about you, but that sounds extremely awesome to me. I have no idea what zones they'd appear in, but who cares? Can you imagine dying somewhere in the present, only to have an R3 with ZERO exp loss tossed your way, regardless of your level? This is the biggest no-brainer quest I've ever heard of, yet I don't see many people doing it. Know why? Cause we're too busy killing pixies.

I want to scream inside about this, even though I understand the reasoning. It seems that the poor pixies are the sole keepers of Stygian Ash, which is used to engage Dark Ixion. It's sad really. The one creature in the entire game that is so revered by players is also one of the most sought after to kill. Because of the constant killing, the pixies become less inclined to heal or raise ANYONE on the server, since hate is shared server-wide. So after hearing about this, I decided to do my part in helping to restore the population and maybe even get some pixies in present time.

It's a really, really easy quest to do. The droprate for the imprisoned pixies seems to be pretty high in Castle Chicken-head [S]. Kickern and I went there and got 6 of them in no time at all (1/1 most of time, and 1/2 otherwise). Of course, they're rare and we can only hold one a time, but since Kick had the recall spells, the trip back and forth was pretty fast. All you do is drop off the pixie at Witchfire Glen's Fey Spring in Grauberg [S]. It's fun, fast, and since the enemies are mid-70+ you're going to get some exp for it too. Seriously, it's win/win either way.

So take a moment out of your camping schedules or whatnot and do your part to rebuild that population. The pixies will love you for it, and you'll love those R3's you're bound to one day be in need of.

...and now for random stuff!

We spend all day killing stuff, but it's nice to enjoy the peaceful moments with friends.

Haha, Crotchwinder, go!!

Poor Keffka. His first Sidewinder wound up killing him and not the bird.

Kirin's rejected twin, all alone in Onzozo. Got Namikaze an Assault Jerkin though. ^^

and finally...

One more for the pixies. Don't let 'em die. :(

See you ingame ^_^


Evilpaul said...

Pixies are for hippies!!!!

Jacinda said...

They spread love too, so pixies = hippies. It's a match made in heaven.

Now go save some!

Evilpaul said...

Switch over to O.bow and do the Holy/Darksteel Bolt thing! Waaaaay cheaper than Archery. ^^

Krissykat said...

Nuuuuuu I wuv Sidewinder! I never really bothered with xbow >.>; I want the kinky SCH outfit too, so cute lol. I'm torn between SCH and BLM.. we'll see!