July 20, 2009

Worldwide Events

Oye, I really need to update this on a more frequent basis. I end up getting way too much stuff to talk about at once. On with the reading, cause little Jaci was a busy bee last week. ^_^

Swift Belt!

I actually got my belt a little while ago and forgot to mention it. Definitely a handy piece of gear. This run wasn't for me though. I had signed on and found a few of my ls mates hanging around out there so I got changed and headed out. I never thought it was possible, but we had an amazing run. Went 3/3 against Balor with very few casualties. None of us could believe it. So Allistor, Epic, and Kraytos (non-ls mate, but friend) all got some groovy belts and everyone was happy. We even scored a Gemini Subligar. Still no luck on the RNG one, but I might not even need the damned things now. Ah well.

That's right. 3/3 on Swift Belt. It's ok to be jealous, I won't tell.

Katana Madness!

Miliani's been leveling Samurai now also, and it was finally time to head to Cape Riverne to get "the last katana she'll ever equip" (failed MIB reference, sue me. :p ) We had a pretty solid party setup, but it was late at night and I don't remember what it was. I just remember that Tenken stopped being lazy and actually tanked. I was amazed, really. Shenel got the drop on that run, but no such luck for Mili. Jamarn tanked the next day and Mili got hers, so it worked out in the end. Congrats you two!

I know you don't see him, but Tenken really did tank. Honest!

Another day, another Hydra

This must be the common NM for Nyzul 80. I rarely ever see anything else when we do this floor. We didn't spend anytime messing around with other NMs due to some bad floors and just got to business. As usual, Hydra started off with the damned damage shield. We waited it out and proceeded to /pwn. We got a mythic weapon, some crystals, and a new LS applicant. Next time.

Ein-fail-jar D:

You know what sucks about this event? We don't do it often enough. We have enough people, but unfortunately several seem to always conveniently miss it. I don't get it. This is the shortest event we do, yet it seems to take forever to get going. Takes no time to get to the area, and we're limited to 30 minutes once it starts. Not like this is some extreme late-night time sink *cough*Dynamis*cough*.

Even worse is this an event that EVERYBODY gets a reward for doing. We all get the ichor at the end, so we can run right out and get items if we've saved enough. Not like other deals where we have to use a point system and possibly not get anything other than some exp loss. Just frustrating as all hell. We're on Tier III and now that we're on the final leg, hardly anyone is around.

We went in this time and fought a Khimaira-type NM. The waves tooks us too long and we timed out when we reached the boss. It was a good run and everyone did great. I simply wish we either had more people or that the ones we have start showing up a bit more consistently.

One day, we *will* reach Odin.

Slam Spam SNMs!

These Orc NMs in the past are really damned annoying. You've got AoE charm spam, Jump Spam, and this blasted DRK who does little more than try to slam you into a wall non-stop. We hit the ground running and collected several of the key items to make another pop set for the SCNM battle. Not quite certain when we're going, but we should have more than enough for a few runs when we do.

We didn't get much in sellable drops, but we did get a nifty katana. Not bad, but nothing to write home about when you look at the other options out there. As a funny side note, once we ended the event, EB said she wanted a retrace. So I immediately sent her on her way. Only problem was she was still waiting on one of the pop items to drop to her and I didn't realize it. Guess I reacted too fast. Sorry EB. ; ;

Sorry EB, it really was an accident. >.<