July 9, 2009

Wascally Wabbits

Ok, this is a story that I just had to share with you all. As you know, I've been leveling Ranger and having a lot of fun. Well, one of the things that is not so fun is getting the various bows once you reach 50+. Namely the following: Vali, Othinus, and Selene's Bow. They are usually heavily camped and have low drop rates, or have non-ex equivalents that are ridiculously expensive.

After spending a few days of constantly camping Eastern Shadow for Vali's Bow, I figured I'd give a shot at fighting White Coney for Selene's Bow instead. Unlike the shadow, which has a 16-32 hour respawn window, the coney only has a 15 minute timer. Only problem is that it spawns during a full moon, and only then. As luck would have it, the full moon came up 90 minutes before I had to leave for work. Lucky me. So I arrive at camp and bring Karyn (my NPC) with me to help dish out some damage. Come to find out that I actually arrived an hour earlier so I ran around to waste time. When I got back, a THF and WHM were at the camp. Rather than battle them for the pop, I offered to team up. TH4 {I'm interested}. So now it's three of us and then I get a /tell from Jamarn, who had offered to help earlier if I ever went out there. True to his word, he geared up and was on his way.

The full moon comes and we pop the rabbit. The fight didn't take more than a couple of minutes and that TH4 worked like a charm. Masso (THF) was happy and got his bow. Jamarn had just arrived and we waited for the next pop. Here's where things get interesting. Another THF, Ghaleo, shows up and asks if we got the drop. There was silence for a bit, but then I nodded to him. No sense being rude about it. He congratulated us, and then everything went silent. A few minutes later, more of his friends show up. A BST and a RDM. So now it's two parties that will have to fight for the spawn. Lovely, right?

The footprint shows and the other team gets the claim. Masso runs up to watch the fight and I go back to the camp and just silently sob to myself. They aggro two raptors and the RDM sleeps one while the bst charms another. We looked on as they dropped the NMs life at a pretty steady pace. A few minutes later, they are still fighting. Little Coney wasn't going down without a battle, it seems. We laughed it off a bit, thinking little of it. Then the NM started spamming its healing move...for almost 1k each time. The raptors wake and the battle starts going downhill. Coney kills the THF but the RDM manages to raise. Five minutes later, the RDM goes down and the raptors leave. Mind you, all this time, the BST is dealing with Coney. He even brings Carrie into the fight, but just can't seem to win.

Now we're getting a bit impatient. Not that we want the other team to wipe; we just want them to either win so we can get the next pop or die so we can finish off what's left of the NM. Time for work was getting closer and this had already gone for over 10 minutes. We figured the RDM would get up and help out, but it seems that this guy forgot to cast Reraise or bring a RR item. Truly unfortunate.

We next witness the most epic battle between a 75 THF, BST / pet, and rabbit ever imaginable. I'm not even kidding. Nearly 30 more minutes of this and they *still* couldn't win. Light skillchains, sneak attack, rampage, shark name it, they tried it. No good. Coney laughed off every attack and healed itself. At one point, it went from 2% back to over 70%. The THF finally died after awhile and it was all up to the BST. He kept using his jugs of broth and spammed Carrie. The THF HP'ed and we figured it was over, but oh no. A quick /sea all revealed that he had gone back to change jobs. He was on his way as BLM/RDM to try sleep-nuking, we figured. The BST held Coney as much as he could, but Carrie was no match for the bunny and went down with him following soon after.

Now it was up to us. SAM, THF, and DRK. Coney was around 60-70% when we got a hold of him, but we all had enough time to build up lots of TP, which spelled bad news for Mr. Coney. It took us around 20 seconds or so to finish it off. Skillchains are your friend. Thankfully, Masso's TH4 worked again and we're both 1/1 on Selene's Bow and I had less than 3 minutes before I had to leave for work.

I have to hand it to the other team though; they gave it their all against that little bugger. You know the really funny part about all this? I bought 12 Carrots to pop the NM and never even used them.

Any cooks out there need some carrots?


Evilpaul said...

I went ~1/3 or something on the Coney twins with no TH.

The NMs are pretty easy as BLM sleep nuking. but the Black Coney still got off a TP move, making me think it has TP regen (maybe only during snowstorms). It was also noticeably more resistant to Ice spells.

Jacinda said...

I wouldn't be surprised if it had some kind of regain effect, especially if it's a common strategy to sleep/nuke it. That way it wouldn't be totally helpless against BLMs or RDMs who solo it.

Savannah said...

Grats on your bow!!

Krissykat said...

I need to camp Vali's but that NM's windows are just so terrible I don't think I want to bother. I'm almost 1/1 :o