November 24, 2009

One for the fans

One of the awesome things about having a blog is knowing that someone not only reads it, but every now and then you find that they also like it. I've been talking about some of the most random and silly things that come to mind, so it's surprising to get acknowledgement or even compliments from people in game about it.

I was even asked to screenshot one of the people who read my blog. So, as my little way of saying "thanks", here's the picture I took. See, I told you that I'd have it up here.

To Lisamarie of Hades, thanks for reading my little slice of insanity. ^_^


Matheus said...

grats on Askar :) there are so many to comment i'm gonna put it up here

1- I was doing last WOTG quests with Erdrick (the rdm that always shouts for Medusa) and he was telling "oh I got Jacinda waiting for Windy path.
But I'm a Sandorian all the way. :P
But let's do together the next missions! It's difficult to find other missions whores who are all the way up on WOTG.

2-I just *finally* killed the NMs for Shantotto, now on full moon fountain fight *_*

3- Nyzul Isle.... I climbed all my way up to 100, but for some reason, i'm still stuck on floor 20 trying for Goli Clogs. It only dropped 1 time of the several runs I did, but I didn't have it locked and lost lot :( I'm on the verge of giving up. I guess the problem of doing Nyzul Isle is finding (good) ppl to do it.


Matheus said...

PS: Damn Lisa is a hot cat dontcha think? :P

I shoulda put my slut clothes on tho for the picture :(

Jacinda said...

1. Erdrick has to be the most patient guy I've ever met in this game. He does *everything*. I actually finished the final SMN quest, Waking the Beast with him.

Now that I have Windurst up to date, I think I'll try the other two nations. Well, if I can keep my allegiance and still do the missions. Give me a yell and we can do some missions together. <3 WotG

2. That fight wasn't too bad. It helps that I had a good group, so we went 1/1. I'll give you a hand if you need it.

3. My first time doing Nyzul, I climbed from 1-100 and didn't get credit. Like an idiot, I didn't check the rune when I started. >.<

Evilpaul said...

You crazy!!! ;)

Jacinda said...

Yes EP, I most certainly am. ^^