May 27, 2009

Week in Review

Howdy peoples!

Last week was full of stuff going on, so I apologize for not updating earlier. So, time for a recap of a few things that happened. I'll try to keep it somewhat short. >.>

Dynamis - Bastok

Before we went in, we found about 15 RMTs running back and forth from the Mog House to another taru who just sat there and received trades. It was pretty obvious that they were RMT due to the name structure they all used. We tested it out by sitting some of our members on top of the "bank" and waiting. Sure enough, they tried to trade to us, again and again. It was pretty amusing. Eventually, a GM was called about it and we got a visit mid-dynamis. Everyone started freaking out when he/she appeared just as we were about to time-nuke some stones. Oh, on a related note, I ended up getting Duelist's Gloves and a Valor Coronet. W00t! My first RDM afv2!

You have no idea how scared people were when this GM showed up. xD

We put the Die in "Die-namis"


It was Ultima time and we /pwned it again. That fight takes awhile though since we try to feed as little TP as possible. Jeffil actually survived Citadel Buster at point blank range. Last time I tried that, it didn't work out so well. Damn paper-thin mage armor. Pretty decent drops too. Cerebrum and Leg parts dropped, which is always nice. I didn't get any this time, but one day. ^^

CoP Revisited

A couple of ls mates were almost done with CoP, so since we had cancelled Bahamut v2, we got a party and headed to get 8-2 through 8-4 done. I was amazed at the 8-3 fight. Not a single death through the whole fight. Even though Abydos (WHM) ran in and aggroed the pots before Ameyna (PLD) could reach them. I thought we were going to fail, but we turned the fight around and won. Then we took on Promathia. We failed the first time, but got up and whipped his godly ass the second round. Of course, we all blame Aby for the first fail since he forgot to cast Reraise prior to starting the fight. haha, we still have <3 for you!! ^^

Dance Dance Revolution!

Not sure if I mentioned anything, but I started working on Dancer again. Figure it's time to get that up to speed so I can solo with SAM through campaign since invites are a bit slow for me. If you haven't already tried the job, go do it. DNC is full of win. Granted, you don't weaponskill as often since you need TP to do anything other than swing your weapon. Still, the job is just insanely fun. Not needing to rely on MP is such a relief, and at 25 you get a TP based Curaga ability. Not bad for only 40 tp. Not to mention, you get a frilly dress and a flower for AF. You know you want one.

Oh yeah. Hey Paul, remember that comment you made about the treasure chests in Buburimu? Well, I tried a few more times and actually got that Pestle. Can't say it's super awesome, but it's a hell of a lot better than the Ash Pole I was using. xD Maybe now I'll level Scholar more and get my groovy cap.